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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smith at 1

The first year of Smith's life has gone by way too fast. As he now waddles around the house I have to ask myself when he changed from being my baby to a little dude. I never want to forget some of the things about my little guy though... Like his adorable little teeth coming in. At his first birthday he had 7 teeth (four on the top and three uneven teeth on the bottom. Cutest uneven smile ever). I also never want to forget his obsession with the stairs and his immediate love for his brother. Everything Hayes does is so hilarious to Smith and he already tries to copy his every move.

The funniest thing about our not so baby is the way he can talk you (ahem, me) into doing anything he wants. He's quite the charmer. He points and grunts and grabs your finger and is very persistent until you give on to whatever he's demanding. He doesn't talk to us very much, but man can he get his way!

I'd also be missing a bit of his cute personality if I didn't mention his love for food. During the day, he'll bring me fruit snack package after granola bar begging for me to open them. His favorite spot in the house is the pantry and he's even learned to get the door open somehow.  It's so strange having a kid that you don't have to force to eat.

Everyone we meet tells us Smith is the happiest baby they've met. He's always smiling and waving at people, even though he doesn't really want to go to many of them (especially if mom's in the room. We got ourself one heck of a mommas boy and I love it!). But he really is the smiliest and happiest baby!

We love our adorably stubborn, attention demanding, happy one year old!

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