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Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

On sunday we all took a well needed walk to the park and flew some kites in the crazy wind. I hadn’t flown a kite since I was little and I forgot how fun it could be.
It reminded Kami and me of when we were little and we would run up and down our street with a kite dragging behind us bouncing off the pavement. We didn’t need wind back then.

I had a dream

Step into my day for just a second (and read the next sentence with the whiniest voice you can imagine). “Mrs. Tor—ger—sen, what can I do? I can’t have an ‘F’ or my life will be over! (Large sigh). I know I didn’t do anything all term and I waited till the very last day, but if you could please let me off just this one time, I promise....”

Every dream starts out simply with a vision. When I graduated from college my dream was to conquer the world by inspiring and enthusing little minds. My vision was weekends and summers off of at a 7-3 job. Simple, right? Sometimes our visions are as unrealistic as a clean house and breakfast in bed. I love teaching more than I ever imagined, but these 60+ hours a week and piles of correcting are outrageous. Yesterday, I painfully drug my big cardboard box of papers (yes, it was so heavy I couldn’t carry it) out to my car for another long weekend of correcting fun!

Goal for year número uno = survive!
Three terms down, one to go.