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Sunday, June 8, 2014

week 29-32

This baby has traveled to and from Sin City more times than most people do in a lifetime! Lucky kid. It was so fun to go back and see the lights, our friends and our old stomping ground but it was also hard packing up and saying goodbye to our house. We had so many fun memories there. We celebrated Chris' pharmacy school graduation, we brought Smith home from the hospital and we spent many hours just spending time as a little family. Those two years have some of the best memories...

Now the house is sold and it's on to the next chapter. Four moves and pregnant every time (we moved twice in Vegas with Smith). We are more than ready to build a house and finally be settled.

It seems crazy there is only 10 weeks before we get to meet this babe. Who will he look like and will he be chill like Hayes or  be the boss like Smith. Our three little boys and our family of five. Love. Oh this active little blessing growing inside.

For me, I want Dr. Pepper 10 everyday and like last time I crave smoothies or snow cones. I'm sure it's normal to feel 60 weeks pregnant at this point since it's baby three, right?

10 (ish) more weeks to go..