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Friday, January 20, 2012

Funny Boy!

Things I want to remember about my funny boy!

I guess Hayes sees me cover my mouth when I cough so he has started coming over to me after I cough and putting his hand by my mouth -as if he was catching the cough for me and then throwing it as if he was tossing it away. Then he says, "It's all better Mom." A mother can only hope their little boy always stays so thoughtful.

Last night before bed I was reading him The Grinch who Stole Christmas and right in the middle of the Grinch stealing Christmas he looks at me and with a concerned voice and asks, "Mom, you scared?" When I told him no he started patting my back and saying, "It's okay mom, it's okay."

I want to remember how he calls bandaids "bambi's" and how he loves to say "member" - as in "Mom, lets go in the kitchen, member" or "I want strawberry milk, member?" Remember ;)

I love how he still asks to hold "you" when he wants to be held and how he repeats anything he's ever heard Ridge say. Everything to him is so "big-BIG- BIIIIG!" Well, unless he doesn't want to do something and then claims to be too little ;) He say's "mines" when he is supposed to say "my" as in "that's mines room." He calls Gatoraide "alligator juice" and Squeeze Its and Slurpees are "squisheys". Hayes doesn't go pee, he goes "peep".

In Hayes' mind everything is always going to happen "tomorrow"and he always wants to know how you are doing. Like whenever you've been away for a bit and come home he asks, "How was work, Dad?" or "how was Bunko, Mom?" When he wakes up in the morning he often asks you, "You sleep good?"

He says some mighty awesome prayers before bed, always praying for his family and little friends. Sometimes he'll even throw in a "grateful for my lamp, grateful for my bedroom, grateful for helicopters, and grateful for that (and points at something random).

I never want to forget the time he told me, "Mom, you drive me nuts!"and after I told him that isn't nice to say and that he'd better give his mom a kiss, he replied "Dad told me not to kiss gi-yals". I'm not a girl, I'm your mom ;)

I love that today we wrestled and body slammed alligators, fought a dragon with a broomstick and pretended to be puppy dogs. All of which was Hayes' idea. Oh, cute boy! Your imagination is exciting!

Let's just leave the list at this and pretend this child doesn't ever say anything naughty. No little two year old boys do, right?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A castle for a prince

Here's the difference between moms and dads. Hayes tells mom he wants to live in a castle and we pretend that we are chasing dragons and living in a tower. Hayes tells dad he wants to live in a castle and dad really makes him one. What a cute little surprise to come home to.  Made by dad, decorated by Hayes (and yes, he had to put every single toy in his castle too).