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Thursday, February 12, 2009

If the secret door out was on the left, he'd never get out.

If my right side is a Royal Suite, my left side must be a Best Western.

I always thought my left side was my good side. Obviously, I've been wrong all along.

Baby thinks my left side is ghetto. Every appointment we go to, there he is always squished into my bladder as far right as possible. Anytime I see a bulging body part, it's always on the right. It never fails, if I lay on my right side I squash his little paradise and he gives a hi-ya right back at me full force. If I lay on my left it's like those mattress commercials where the glass of wine withstands a bouncing bowling ball right next to it, he doesn't move an inch.
Meet my ever-so-protruding right side. Yes, I do think my stomach is going to be permanently lopsided.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


My sister already blogged about our fun trip to San Antonio here, but I can’t leave something THIS BIG without a little of my own input.

First of all, girl trips rock! Only a girl could really appreciate…
1- How funny it is to know you are blocks from your hotel and yet can’t quite find a way there.
2- Aaaaw, the magical smell of Pottery Barn.
3- A guy with long chunky blonde highlighted hair that’s wearing a way too low v-neck shirt and tall black boots rubbing your feet while chatting about Chet on the Real World and Utah stereotypes.
4- Helga the navigation system on my sister’s phone.
5- The joy of shop after shop, sale rack after sale rack, day after day.
6- Trying to shove all our purchases into carry-ons that were way too small and bulging out everywhere.
7- Strolling around the same riverwalk night after night and never getting sick of it.
8- A chicken duck. Really, his name is Chuck. Why am I so intrigued?
9- Scary murder stories told by the river late at night.
10- All of the amazing hours spent at the Alamo, the fun things to do there, and the high expectations well exceeded. ;)

This is exactly what I needed. Thanks girls! Let's say we do this again very very soon!

My "nemesis" left me a note

If you know me at all you know this isn't my style, but I almost left this reply on the board for my Spencer/Ben night time enemy. I erased it just as I was walking out the door. I guess I either have a conscience in there somewhere or I figured my reply wouldn't necessarily get me anywhere...

but one day I'll be the type of person that says whatever I feel and actually leave it around for people to see.