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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rest of Christmas

Now that I have a little time I'm actually going to dump my memory cards and get caught up on the last five months :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A session of my boy!

That's right, you heard it. This is a complete session that I finally got around to editing 100% of my little stud. I swear sometimes (all the time) Hayes gets the shaft when it comes to real sessions. The one person I love to take pictures of the most is the one person that never gets more than a random picture here and there. Because I do it all the time for other people it is hard for me to remember to grab out my nice camera and take some picture for myself. Well, here you go little Hayes. I think we captured your personality perfectly!

Anyone else missing Summer?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Underwear and a big boy bed!

What do you get when you take a two and a half year old out from behind bars? NO SLEEP!

A couple months ago we tackled the transition from Hayes' crib to a big boy bed. We knew what we were getting ourselves into way before we did it. This kid is definitely not a sleeper so giving him the freedom of escaping those crib bars is a scary job that we are still paying for. He still has the hardest time falling asleep and often makes a 3:00 am trip to our bed (which means we take a 3:01 trip with back to his bed). Last night was especially bad as he cried for an hour and a half, "I don't want my bedroom. I want downstairs. I need to go potty. I need to brush my teeth. I want mom. I want dad. I don't want my bedroom, no, no, nope".

At least he was excited for a minute when we first got his bed set up...

After we made the bed switch we decided to tackle the potty training too. I do have to say Hayes has been hard doing a lot of things, but potty training really wasn't all that bad. We did the three day potty training where you don't go anywhere for three days and don't say anything but positive things the entire time and it seemed to work for him.

 This is him after I asked him to show me his big boy moves. Now it is impossible to find pants that stay on his skinny little butt!

 Love our big boy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever made one of these?

Just wanted to pop on here and see who wants to make this with me. Anyone? My sis and I were talking about these just the other day and after taking a peek in my closet I realized I have so so many skirts that are dying to be worn again and would totally need that little extra something at the bottom to to make them just a teach bit longer ;) Come to think of it, how'd you think one of these bad boys would look attached to my swimming suit, haha. That's where I really a little extra fabric love.

Tutorial here

So, who's up to making these with me? Preferably someone with a-) a sewing machine b-) sewing skills and c-) a cold bowl of peaches and ice cream
Because I have none of the above and would desperately pay for any of them right about now!

On another note, look who actually did something found on her "do it yourself" board on Pinterest?  One diy project down 300 to go. Do you Pinterest? Here's my link Pinterest
Don't worry I probably already stalk your boards when your not looking :) Stalk me back. And here's my new addition to my front door. I don't feel like it's completely done yet. Maybe I'll add a little more gaudiness and bling because that's how I roll.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yes, they love each other. Yes, I encourage it.

It was getting dark quick so I tried to hurry and catch a few shots of these rascals before the sun completely disappeared. We had just finished taking pictures of Selma's (adorable) new baby brother and I was dying over how cute Selma and Hayes were playing (in this scrumptious field might I add). They were running around hand in hand & I just about melted when Selma bent down and kissed Hayes better so he'd stop crying - Oh young love.

Monday, May 30, 2011

What I'm like @ 2!

My favorite...

Toy: buzz
Color: green
TV show: Team Umizoomi
Movie: Toy Story 3, Cars
Song: Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
Place: time out  Pop pop's truck or bachoe
Trademark move: the pouty face
Bad habit: getting naked
Activity: hitting playing "pitch" aka baseball on the front lawn
Words I love: "you wel-come", "twa-qwet" (chocolate) and "come on -treats- come on"
Famous sentence: "He'll be riiiiiight back" "Where'd pop pop go?"
Treat: MnM's
Pastime: putting a bowl of water on the floor and licking it up like a puppy

When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up he said, "Toy Story" and his response to who is his favorite friend, it just happened to be, "Hayes".  Lately I've heard him saying "oh crap" and "shoot" a lot, which I admit I'm totally guilty of teaching him (oops) but we have the hardest time not laughing when he says them. It's so dang cute. His answer to everything is "ummm, dumptruck". A common conversation
Me: "Hayes, whatcha doin?"
Hayes' response: "umm, dumptruck."
Or I get this one a lot too...
Me: Hey, where you goin'?
Hayes: "Ummm, dumptruck!"

I swear we have one of the funniest two-year olds around. To say he is full of personality is an understatement. And by golly, I haven't met a kid that was more stubborn and is always wanting to be in the middle of everything all the time. Busy, adorably busy!