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Friday, January 23, 2009

You want to play that way do you?

As childish as it gets, I won’t lose. Ask anyone, I am a Christensen and deep down being stubborn runs in my blood.

All I ask from you stupid college classes that come in my room at night is to not erase ONE of my four sliding whiteboards, just one. I know it’s not convenient for you, but it’s not convenient for me to rewrite my board every stinkin day either. Do you know how long that takes? Nor is it convenient for me to bend my big fat pregnant butt over and pick up all the textbooks off the floor that you "somehow" dropped out of their bins, but that’s another rant.

So let’s make it clear. The first time you erased my entire board I was bugged, but you didn’t know the rules so I forgave you and hung a sweet little note in pink and brown polka dots on the board saying pretty please. The second time you did it, you even went so far as to move my sign and erase away. This time I got a little mad.

Now that it still isn’t stopping, I’m seeking revenge. I’m hiding every single dry erase marker in my room so now YOU have an inconvenience just like me. Go ahead and find your own markers. Oh ya, and I’m unplugging my Airwick every night too so now you won’t even get a swoosh of harvest spice greatness every 36 minutes either. And as soon as I can think of something else mean, I won’t hesitate to do that either. I bet the evil perpetrator looks like one of these two...

Sometimes people ask me if I can see a change in my moods now that I am pregnant. I simply smile at them and politely answer, “not at all.”

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's your birthday

It's your birthday so shout hooray. We want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser too…happy birthday, to you!
Okay, so I really wish I could go back to primary sometimes just to sing songs again, but an ordinary "happy birthday" won’t work for someone like, he gets a song!

What a sweet week it’s been for my hubby. Not only is it his birthday today, but he also started a new job that is exactly his style. I can’t think of another place that Chris would love to spend his days than a golf course, so he is officially the new assistant golf pro at Eagle Mountain. Whoot whoo!

Without writing some gushy love poem, I just wanted you all to know what kind of a husband I have. I came home last night from work as sick as I've ever felt. Every single time I’d stand up, I’d lose my balance and almost black out. Throughout the night things just got worse as my head stuffed up, heartburn flared, body ached, and temperature flew over 100.

Finally, after an entire night of tossing, turning, and staring at the alarm clock, I decided to go downstairs. Just as I’m on the verge of tears from exhaustion, Chris came down and magically made everything all better, just like he always does. Along with some sweet words, he put my pillow in his lap and tickled my arm until I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning and realized he had slept sitting up all night just to make me more comfortable, I was reminded that I am married to a pretty great guy. I’m lucky to call Chris my husband and our baby will be so lucky to have such a great dad!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Week 26

I talk to myself. Does that make me weird? Fortunately, most of the time I don’t end up actually saying the words out loud, but instead repeat them over and over again in my head. What’s the dialogue lately? “Dear life, you win!” or depending on the day it could morph into “Dear life, slow down I can't keep up!” Surprisingly, talking to myself isn’t the weird part at all. The weird part is how frequent the talking is.

I think I need professional help. The more I have to do, the more I don’t want to do it (and the more I just tend to complain). My poor husband. My to-do list is overflowing with boring work things and instead I just want to surf the internet to find a name for our little baby. Now that we are officially counting down the days in the two digits, I am starting to feel the name pressure.

3 months of teaching left this year. 59 actual teaching days. 30 “A” days or planning days before spring break and hopefully maternity leave will come right after. 13 weeks. That’s all I have to survive through. Just 3 more months.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

We celebrated by doing what we always do...

playing games and goofing off!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A glimpse of our Christmas

A Christmas twist at the Treehouse Museum

Christmas morning at Kami's with my dad

Mom's family

Chris' family