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Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever made one of these?

Just wanted to pop on here and see who wants to make this with me. Anyone? My sis and I were talking about these just the other day and after taking a peek in my closet I realized I have so so many skirts that are dying to be worn again and would totally need that little extra something at the bottom to to make them just a teach bit longer ;) Come to think of it, how'd you think one of these bad boys would look attached to my swimming suit, haha. That's where I really a little extra fabric love.

Tutorial here

So, who's up to making these with me? Preferably someone with a-) a sewing machine b-) sewing skills and c-) a cold bowl of peaches and ice cream
Because I have none of the above and would desperately pay for any of them right about now!

On another note, look who actually did something found on her "do it yourself" board on Pinterest?  One diy project down 300 to go. Do you Pinterest? Here's my link Pinterest
Don't worry I probably already stalk your boards when your not looking :) Stalk me back. And here's my new addition to my front door. I don't feel like it's completely done yet. Maybe I'll add a little more gaudiness and bling because that's how I roll.