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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 12-14

Disneyland and a doctor appointment. Disneyland actually turned out to be great. There's not much difference between being sick at home or on vacation, except by the end of the day I was exhausted! We had so much fun with the Froerers and got to use our passes one more time before we move.

Our doctor appointment went well too. We once again were able to see a little heartbeat and the little baby even waved at us. When we were sitting there, I could have sworn I saw boy parts but the ultrasound tech didn't say anything except asked Hayes if he wanted a brother or a sister. At this point Hayes would go along with anything so he just smiled at her. I couldn't take it any longer so I just asked, "Did you see what I think I saw?" Yep, she guessed we were having a little boy too. Chris said there was no way that wasn't little boy parts, even though he (and Kami) were the only ones guessing girl. We've seen them twice now and there isn't much mistaking that!

We (me and the 3? boys) are headed to Utah again to look for somewhere to build, so once again wish us luck!

Weeks 7-11

Oh dear food aversions! Some women have cravings, some women have aversions... I have both. The thought of a hamburger makes me sick. Seeing billboards with Burger King or McDonalds cheeseburgers makes me want to vomit. Even typing about burgers makes me scrunch my nose in disgust. I've never really had problems with food like I have this pregnancy. I'll make dinner and by the time it's done, it doesn't even look appealing anymore (which is hard when fast food is even less appealing). The only thing that ever sounds good is a good old Orange Julius.

We went to the doctor at 7 weeks and it was a little emotional to see a little heartbeat in there. I needed that reassurance! Our due date is officially August 4th and we couldn't be more excited. So, since everything looked pretty good in there, a few weeks later we decided to tell our family while in Utah. I think they were all truly surprised, but we got the biggest surprise when CVS offered Chris a job back in Utah. They gave him a promotion and we'd be able to build a house, so everything looks like it will work out perfectly! We kind of do things in groups in our lives - job, moving, car, baby. It's a pattern by now. We did them all with Hayes and Smith, why not do it all at once again?

I've officially gotten sicker with each pregnancy. I've been so bad for the last 6 weeks I even wake myself up in the middle of the night with nausea. It's beyond ridiculous. I said with Smith I have morning and night sickness, well if that's the case, with this baby I have every minute of the day sickness. It's not very often that I don't feel so completely nauseous to the point of frustration. I know, I know, it'll pass but it is really hard waiting for it to end.

Well, we are off to Disneyland for a few days (which we planned a long time ago with friends and may not be the funnest trip for sick old me) and then it's time to get serious on finding someone to buy our house (and therefore packing). Wish us luck!

3.5-6 weeks

The first two pregnancies were a complete mystery. Is this a symptom? Is this normal? By number three most things have now become a pattern. Unfortunately, once I've got this thing down to clockwork, it may be the last time we need this information (well, if it was up to Chris anyway). I say let's wait and see.

Just like Smith, I knew before I was 4 weeks. And just like Smith, I was surprised to see that second line on the pregnancy test.  I just wasn't expecting it and it took my breathe away. So, how do I tell Chris? I snuck downstairs and downloaded a bunch of "What to Expect" pregnancy apps on his phone, haha. It didn't even take him 15 minutes before he came up,  "Ummm, is this a hint?" So funny! We are so excited to add another little bean to our family. We knew it had been time and someone was waiting to join our family of four. Wow,  five? We are so blessed!

So once again , I felt like a had a short run with the flu (just the baby flu) with some 4 week body aches and stuffy nose and such. Of course let's not ever forget the middle of the night peeing. Oh how I'll never embrace that symptom. Everyone knows I love my sleep.

Anyway, I have a seven (ish) week appointment with a new doctor here in Vegas (I couldn't handle not getting more than one ultrasound to see this little sweetie is okay every month- call me paranoid or  maybe just concerned- so I'm seeing a perinatal. Why doesn't Vegas get up with technology?).  We'll pray that this early Dr. Bohman can show us a little heartbeat.  Then a few weeks later, we are headed to Utah for Christmas so we might have to share the news with everyone. This might be the first time everyone is truly surprised. We can't wait!

What a blessing being a mom is! I can't imagine life without our two little rowdy boys and even though I'm sure we are in for some crazy times ahead, I can't imagine life any other way.  I'm truly giddy!

Note: baby nasuea started at week 5, of course when we were in the car for 9 hours driving to Utah in the biggest snow storm  ever on our way to my grandpa's funeral. Good grief, talk about timing. That's okay, I'll take pregnancy symptoms. Helps me think everything is okay in there. Here's how I cope,  I'm sick if I don't have something in my stomach, so I eat. All day. Then I'm fat and the thought of being fat makes me even sicker... So I eat again. Lovely cycle. Haha!

Smith at 1

The first year of Smith's life has gone by way too fast. As he now waddles around the house I have to ask myself when he changed from being my baby to a little dude. I never want to forget some of the things about my little guy though... Like his adorable little teeth coming in. At his first birthday he had 7 teeth (four on the top and three uneven teeth on the bottom. Cutest uneven smile ever). I also never want to forget his obsession with the stairs and his immediate love for his brother. Everything Hayes does is so hilarious to Smith and he already tries to copy his every move.

The funniest thing about our not so baby is the way he can talk you (ahem, me) into doing anything he wants. He's quite the charmer. He points and grunts and grabs your finger and is very persistent until you give on to whatever he's demanding. He doesn't talk to us very much, but man can he get his way!

I'd also be missing a bit of his cute personality if I didn't mention his love for food. During the day, he'll bring me fruit snack package after granola bar begging for me to open them. His favorite spot in the house is the pantry and he's even learned to get the door open somehow.  It's so strange having a kid that you don't have to force to eat.

Everyone we meet tells us Smith is the happiest baby they've met. He's always smiling and waving at people, even though he doesn't really want to go to many of them (especially if mom's in the room. We got ourself one heck of a mommas boy and I love it!). But he really is the smiliest and happiest baby!

We love our adorably stubborn, attention demanding, happy one year old!

Hayes at 4

When he walks in a room, he's a little shy at first but when he warms up, he's a hoot. That's my little four year old! He loves his friends more than anything and wears his sensitive heart on his sleeve. He is obsessed with his dog, electronics (Wii, ipad, ipod-you name it), sports and would much rather wear a hat than get his hair done.

I love that my little buddy is getting so big and says things like, "that really freaks me out" and asks a million questions about everything, "how do Orcas get into acquariums?"  Or "let's talk about ---- (how the rain is made, how we build houses, etc)". One of the cutest things Hayes does is says, "right?" after everything that comes out of his mouth. He sounds like a teenager. "Mom, that's funny...right?"

School concepts come easy to him and he loves preschool. When he does something he is proud of, he is the first to fist pump himself and say "yeah!" Oh the curiosity this kid has is amazing. He asks daily anything from what the inside of the Earth looks like to why geysers steam. He wants to know how buildings stay up and is always asking how to spell people's names.

The best thing about Hayes is his love for others and the sweetness he shows. He's always hugging us and telling us he loves us as big as outer space. I'll never get sick of his little displays of affections or the way he touches my hair. He might be big but he's still my little baby.

I can't even say how often Hayes has us laughing and how much we enjoy just hanging out with the little guy. We love you Hazard!!!

Right now he says his favorite is...
Food: lucky charms
TV show: Rabbids
Movie: Despicable Me 2
Color: Orange and Blue
Acivity: Jumping on the tramp
Friend: Knox
Restaurant: McDonalds with a playground