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Monday, April 28, 2008

Some things in life are irreplaceable!

How much would you pay for a friend that honestly tells you how your butt looks in a new pair of jeans? What would you give to have a personal cheerleader follow you through life standing behind you and cheering you on when you feel like your defeated? How priceless would it be to have someone plowing the path before you or testing the swimming pool before you plug your nose and jump right in?

Well, I know how much I’d pay because I have someone who does all these things for me. She’s my sister and believe me, she rocks!

It’s not just because Kami paved the way in life for me (and I still do owe her for testing the curfew rules first), and it’s not just because she does more for me than I even do for myself, but she rocks because she is, and always has been, by my side through everything. I know, I’m kinda mushy, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much she does for Chris and me and I at least owe her a great big THANKS!
Wait, there are two more reasons that Kami rocks. She brought these two little blessings into my life.
My sweet little niece Navie...
& my adorable nephew Ridge!
Ha, and she just keeps on giving (if she knows it or not) because these pics came right from her blog! Thanks girly!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A fun photo shoot

A day spent in front of a camera isn't supposed to be this much fun! We drove all around downtown sneaking in front of people's garage doors and climbing up old buildings so Kami could capture the perfect shot! It was nice just being with each other!

Kami asked us to write a word that describes each other on our hands. Chris wrote passionate and I wrote determined. If you know Chris, you know how determined he is in life. I thought if I wrote perfect, which he absolutely is, people might get a little jealous!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We did it!

After millions of buckets of balls and tons of freezing cold rounds, the hard work finally paid off. Today we won our first golf tournament! Go Davis! Thirty two girls compete and we had three in the top ten! I can’t even explain how proud I am of my girls.
This is Utah’s first year of having a girl’s high school golf team and I am stoked about how well it’s going. When all the other high schools could barely get enough players to compete, I had 30 girls ready to go! I am so lucky that Chris helps out a bunch so we were able to keep them all (yes, I know its not a football team and we will definitely make cuts next year, but we wanted to get the program off to a good start). These girls are so fun and we just laugh together, and aren't they cute!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Ode to My Classroom: A story of a flushing storage room

Goodbye to my classroom! I know I might have called it my prison once or twice, but I do have to admit that I’m a little sad to have to leave. Why am I switching classrooms? It’s all over a silly little potty. Let me explain...

The story began when there wasn’t enough room for all the newbies at our school, so a few of us had the challenge of transforming the bare and desolate “teacher prep rooms” into loving classrooms. We fought long and hard to get the supplies we needed (like a clock, flag, desk, and so on). Kami and I put many hours into setting up my room and after many trips to Ikea, our sweat (literally because there isn't air conditioning in the summer) paid off and I think it turned out perfectly!
Being a teacher prep room, my class is one of the few that has a little bathroom attached by the door. That’s where the problem started.
At the beginning of the year one of my teacher friends put up a sign that says “storage” over the bathroom sign, so nobody would be tempted to use our bathrooms (thanks Liz!) and it worked well...for a while. Then some of the other teachers on my hall decided to claim the bathroom back as theirs.
Sometimes in the middle of lecturing a friendly teacher would decide to enter the “storage room” and do their thing. I laughed when a boy asked me, “Um, did your storage room just flush?” One teacher in particular makes a regular visit during second period almost daily, and I only wish she could hear my kids from the other side of the door because they can obviously hear her! As for me, I guess I’m a little shy in that manner and wouldn’t dare to pee so publicly.

So to my classroom, I am sad to leave you and its unfortunate teachers care more about their potty time than my teaching. Did I tell you there is a bathroom right at the end of the hall?
Hey, maybe now I can upgrade to a classroom with windows or move into the coveted 2500 hall! Anyone up for a sweating summer of setting up a new classroom?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Red Sox Nation

Most people anticipate spring time when the grass starts poking up through the snow and swimming suits suddenly appear at Target. For most people, spring is a time of cleaning, sunshine, and being twitterpated.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case for me. I know spring is here when I turn on the car and Sports Talk is blaring in my ears. Spring for me is trying to hold a conversation with Chris while he is “pretending” not to be glued to the game behind me. Spring is the beginning of baseball season and another seven months of my husband thinking our quality time together should be shared with Manny and Ortiz.

Last summer we went to a couple Boston games. I haven’t quite made it to Fenway yet, but I feel it’s inevitable in my future. Hey, at least Chris didn’t make me go to a double header on our honeymoon like Chris’ dad made his mom. Although, if the Red Sox played in Cancun I’m sure we would have been there.
We took a trip to California with Chris' little sis (Nikki) and bro (Andy). I discovered if you are a Torgersen it is required to be a die-hard Boston fan. I really am trying to convert! For Andy's senior trip he went to a Yankee's game in New York and what do ya think he wore... a Red Sox shirt. They weren't even playing the Sox. Now that's brave, and yes he got food chucked at him!

Have you ever seen Fever Pitch? Chris loved it, but it was way too realistic for me. My life went Hollywood! One regular season Red Sox game down, 161 to go! Go Boston!