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Sunday, February 24, 2008

You down with OCD, ya you know me!

It is official. I think I might be OCD? Why do I feel like everything I do has to be absolutely perfect? What is perfection anyway?

Here I am at 6:00 in the morning leaning over the toaster waiting for the perfect shade of not quite brown, but perfectly tanned toast. Too burnt, of course I can’t scrape it off… I hope you read what I wrote on that card I gave you? I just want you to fully appreciate that those simple little words I wrote have been read, re-read, edited, and had the handwriting analyzed by at least one other person. I am insane!

Even just the other day Kylee, a darling girl that cut my hair, said to me, “Um Mitzi, do you realize that hair just can’t be perfect?” She obviously read me like a book after a million questions like, “So, what product is that, and can I turn around so I can see exactly how you round brush the back?”

Every night I spend hours and hours trying to create a perfect lesson plan to inspire a bunch of squirrelly 16 year olds, and for what? They only care about how they can sneak their IPods in without me seeing them.

I got a new church calling Sunday and guess what the first thing I was told as tears streamed down my face (I am oblivious to leading music and would rather get a root canal by the way), “Stop trying to be perfect!” Um yeah, I'll work on that one, thanks!

So here I am attempting to start to blog! This will be quite a venture for me. I am making a rule for myself right now - post and leave alone. Stop the OCD insanity! I'll try to loose the I-am-an-English-teacher-watch-for-my-perfect-sentence attitude and just write whatever crosses my mind. For me, this is a stretch!