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Thursday, April 9, 2009

He is HERE!!!

Was it my persistent begging , with my face pressed up against Mitzi's belly every time that I saw him?

Was it the full moon?

Was it because we just finally got his nursery done yesterday, and he knew they were ready?

Or maybe it was the little something that the doctor stirred up at Mitzi's appointment yesterday... What ever it is, IT WORKED! He is here, and he is BEAUTIFUL!

Let me introduce...

Hayes David T



8 lbs 8 oz

21 1/2 in long

I'll let the glowing mommy tell of her wonderful birthing experience, but it went PERFECT and Mitzi is feeling great!!! Stay tuned for all of the pictures I already had the opportunity to take of this cute little boy!

Oh, and did I mention... I AM AN AUNT.... hee hee ;)


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My family had a huge shower to get us a little more ready for baby to make his big debut. Seriously, there were so many of us. Kam and Meri are really getting taken advantage of during this entire baby ordeal. Thanks for the shower and help once again! If there is one thing baby will have when he gets here, it's definitely a lot of people who already love him.

Then at work we went to Wingers and had a little baby party. It is so nice to have such awesome, supportive friends to hang out with at school. I really hope I can go part time next year so I can stay with all of them!

After that my high school friends all got together and had a little shower for me at Olive Garden. It was so fun to just sit and catch up on life. I love these girls!

And to wrap it all up, my mom's family finished all the spoiling with a shower last weekend. His room is so full of fun things now!

This is the cute little dog that Navie picked out for the baby all by herself, and was so excited to give to me! She really is the most thoughtful little girl!

Thanks again guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big news!

As if having a baby in the next week or so isn’t big enough news, Chris got the best phone call on Thursday.

My super smart, amazing husband was accepted into pharmacy school at the University of Southern Nevada!

Wait, it gets even better…

All of his hard work paid off because he got accepted in the top 10% of all 2,000(ish) people that applied and got to pick his campus. As tempting as Las Vegas would be for him, he picked the South Jordan campus and it couldn’t be more perfect for us. There are only two pharmacy schools in Utah and it’s really competitive to get in, so you can only imagine how proud I am of him! Plus, it’s an accelerated program so he will be done in three short years instead of four. Sweet!

Good job babe! You deserve this!