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Thursday, December 16, 2010

20 months

Oh Hayes, you are too cute for your own good!

This morning Hayes and I went on a little adventure. Sure, the hospital might only be a couple hundred yards from our front door, but today we were explorers on an extensive voyage. By the time we got back home there wasn’t a single puddle that wasn’t jumped in, not a person in that hospital that didn’t get a “hi” from Hayes, and not a solitary car that wasn’t waved at (occupied or just sitting in the parking lot). The sweet little bus driver at the hospital was the only one to wave back and you should have seen Hayes' face when he realized after all that waving, the bus driver was actually waving back at him. Hayes’ lips squished together like a fish, “Ohhhhhhhwaaaaaa,” he said and when the bus driver kept waving as he turned the corner, Hayes squealed like a little girl. “Bus, bus,” he kept saying as he tried to drag me back to meet his new idol -the bus driver.

We decided to eat in the cafeteria while we were there and there wasn’t a person around that didn’t comment on how “busy” one year olds are (a nice way of saying how busy my one year old is). First he wanted to take all the candy canes off their tree. Then he booked it across the lunchroom to pet a dog for the blind (he has a small obsession with dogs), then off to the pop machines, back into the cafeteria, under the chair… all while being chased by his mom holding a spoonful of his soup. When I took him to dump our tray, he decided to “hide, hide, hide” from me around the corner. I guess that’s what I get for playing hide and seek with him at home (except at home he is ALWAYS behind the curtains or next to his crib). The poor kid needs a friend. He’s even resorted to hiding his blanket around the house and then finding it himself. He walks around saying, “Where’s nie night, where’s nie night? There it is!” Of course there it is, you hid it there two minutes ago. Silly boy.

Its cute moments like today that make me forgive him for being so sassy/hitting/kicking/hiding our keys/poking his new baby cousin in the face/not sharing/writing on our coffee table/running around the store/not staying in nursery at church... I was thinking about how awesome he's talking lately and I remembered what a proud mom I was when he said his first word  “mom” (that sweet little innocent boy). Then I realized how muvh he’s changed since then. His official first sentence was, “I told you no, dad.” Haha, we love our little animated boy.