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Thursday, March 26, 2009

These girls rock!

We took second in our first tournament by 5 shots last Tuesday, but we came back Thursday and beat everyone by 21 shots! That has to be some type of a record! After how hard they have worked lately, these girls definitely deserved a win!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 37

While you were pregnant, did you ever...

  • have more zits on your face than your entire class of 16 year olds combined?
  • eat Ramen in the bathtub because you were so sick and the bathtub was the only solution for you to breathe (and you just happen to be on the "eat every couple hours or die" schedule)?
  • puke so loud at the Circle of Life that every head nodded with empathy at you when you came back into the waiting room?
  • take a power nap behind your desk at work and hope nobody would see your feet sticking out?
  • cry so hard (because your stressed about grades being due the next day and you can't stop thinking baby is going to come early to be welcomed by a desolate house of unpacked boxes) that you make yourself sick, literally.
  • cross your fingers (and legs) every time you sneeze, just praying your bladder holds true?
  • yearn for the smell of the mall?
  • sign up for parenting magazine because you should, even though you haven't read a single one?
  • not want this little baby to come out so you could always be inseparable?
  • want this little baby out so bad because you can't wait to snuggle his face?

I haven't done any of these things either, I was just wondering if you have ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Anyone need some post-its?

I wish it was, but unfortunately this wasn't staged. Welcome to my desk...
Okay, so I like post-its. Wait...what's that under the binder?
My deepest darkest secret-I go a little overboard with to-do lists. I came to school one morning and looked at all my post-its, overflowing with things I haven't done yet, and it made me sigh in disgust. My reaction, I pushed them under my binder so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. I don't think it worked. Now those hidden yellow squares of horror are always lingering on my brain.

Can I quit yet?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving to Las Vegas

No, not really. We are just moving across the street. I just wanted you to realize how much you'd miss me for a second!

Yep, along with work, the Praxis test, coaching, my family shower, my google reader account with 100's of unread blogs (you guys, don't take me so seriously...I'm not that addicted to blogs), and everything else this week, I am nine months pregnant and we are moving. As if my toes aren’t hanging off the cliff already. I guess it could be worse though, it's just across the street.

The story goes that my grandpa will be selling our condo, so he wants us to move into one across the street. I guess it's better now compared to the week after the baby comes like we were first told. It's newly refinished with new carpet and appliances and it even has an extra room, so that will be nice, but packing is such a pain.

Now the rush is on to paint and set up the baby’s room so we can get everything ready before he comes. Thank heavens for everyone's willingness to help our desperate butts.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week 35

I’ve heard that a man can get the same “symptoms” as their pregnant wife before, but I never thought my husband would be one of them. Don’t worry, he isn’t lactating or getting colossally huge (like I am), he’s taken on nesting. Obviously, I wasn't going to do it.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night (baby hates it when I try to sleep) and I could hear banging downstairs. When I went down to see what the heck was going on, you can imagine the glee in my eyes when I smelt cleaner and saw our organized cupboards . Cleaning in the middle of the night, man do I love this guy!

This wasn’t the first time I’ve caught him doing such a thing either. I’m so grateful he’s gotten the cleaning bug the last couple weeks because it’s perfect timing for our MOVE. We just found out that we are going to be moving a week from Saturday. Wish us luck!

Bring on the moving, bring on the end of the quarter grading, bring on the weekly I-hope-I’m-not-dilated-more-so-this-baby-doesn’t-come-early appointments, bring on the beginning of coaching another girl’s golf season, and bring on the pressure of not having a name picked out yet! I think I can handle it. I don’t think I can get anymore crazy than I already am, can I?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love-sitting (it really wasn't babysitting)

I love them, but is it rude to ask Kami & Dax to leave town more often? What could possibly be better than an entire weekend with two of my favorite kids ever? The world was ours, so we decided to do the insane...Chuck-E-Cheese's. This was our first time experiencing the disneyland of Layton and it was truly a test of our parenting skills. Why didn't anyone tell me it was a requirement to bring every kid on the planet to Chuck-E-Cheese's on Friday nights?

Navie loved her uncle Chris all weekend long and was his best buddy. First she shoved her feet in his face and forced him out of bed during the night. When she realized he had moved to the couch, guess who ditched me and followed him? This is what I came out to see in the morning. Isn't it the sweetest! Ridge was actually pretty good for the most part too. We'll definitely have to have more sleepovers this summer!

I can't leave these out

Here are a few more pics from the shower. I can't resist this one. Amelia guessed how big my belly was and the string was almost big enough to fit around both of us! It's okay melia, I feel that big! Rosie gets props too because I'm sure her string would barely fit around one of my legs when I'm not pregnant! Thanks for the well needed ego boost.

Friday, March 6, 2009

One word...perfect!

Think your looking at shots from a magazine? Nope, your not... this was my shower! I'm still baffled by all the amazing little details everywhere! How do I possibly say thanks enough? My sister did her thing, like normal, and rocked the decorations. Seriously, can you believe her? Steph planned some crazy games and they made the most delicious food! These guys should go professional! I can't even tell you how perfect it was. Ever since the shower I've felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and support. People are so thoughtful and giving. I got spoiled and I still feel guilty that a bunch of my greatest friends came together for me and little baby, they gave him the most thoughtful gifts, and I have nothing for them in return except a thanks and a hope that they know how grateful I am for them in my life.
I wish I got pictures of everyone there, but I guess I missed the boat on that one. Anyway, thanks again for an amazing shower!