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Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to the world!

Unreal. The whole experience already seems so awesomely unreal. If I wasn't there in that oxytocin filled room breathing in those love hormones, I wouldn't even think it was my story to tell. If I didn't see our gorgeous baby being placed on my chest with my own eyes, I would have claimed it all a dream. An awesome dream.

Hopefully I can remember all the details before they become an even more fuzzy story in my head. As I hold my few day old baby, everything seems to have happened so many long sleepless nights ago. 

We left our doctors appointment Tuesday and (no surprise) I had cramps that night going to bed. Nothing out of the normal as I was only dilated to a two. I woke up a few times through the night with more cramps, again normal- no big deal as I was used to getting up several times through the night anyway. It wasn't until just before five that I started to pay attention to see if these cramps could actually have a pattern and not be cramps at all. I've never had Braxton Hicks or anything with either pregnancy so I couldn't quite remember the feeling I was looking for to see if this was for real or not. Close to six, I woke up Chris and an hour later called my dad for him to get ready for his long drive ahead, just in case this was it. The contractions were so sporadic and random I told Chris to head to work and I'd be fine. My dad decided to take off down the road just in case. Good thing he did. 

By 11 I was trying to lug my hospital bags down the stairs between contractions and drop Hayes off with a (heaven sent) neighbor. I probably gave Chris a little scare when I called him and told him he'd better leave soon. I can now tell you I was crazy and didn't realize I probably shouldn't have driven to the hospital myself but all of a sudden my contractions went from six to three minutes apart in one contraction, so I felt a little urgency. Yes, I do now know how long the stop lights on Eastern are-approximately one contraction. At one point I glanced over at the guy waiting in the car next to me at the light and had to chuckle as I breathed through a contraction. If he only knew. The contractions were coming hard but definitely still tolerable.

When I checked into the hospital at noon I was a five and Chris and I were still laughing between contractions. Easy peasy, right? Hands sweating, nervous anticipation, today was the day we had been waiting for all this time! As my contractions kept getting harder, the nurse kept asking if we wanted to break my water because it was "bulging" and the only thing stopping the baby's head from coming down more. At that point I wanted my body to be ready before my water broke so we gave it a chance to break on its own. I knew the contractions would get harder after it broke and I was about to find out how (truly) true that is.

All I have to say is my nurse owes me. When my water broke with Hayes I was home asleep in bed and got the pleasure of some bonding time cleaning it up with my hubby. This time I thought I had to pee so I actually went into the bathroom and sat down through another contraction and my water broke right there. Your welcome for the no mess clean up Miss nurse Keri. After that it was game on. 

The nurse wanted me back in bed and on the monitor so she could check me. I'm pretty sure it took me 15 minutes to make my way across the room and attempt to get back in the bed. At this point I wasn't happy about getting hooked back up to the darn monitor anyway. I guess I wasn't happy about much as I was finally feeling some pain. I was ready and I wanted to meet my baby.

My plan was to walk to help the labor and switch positions during contractions. Little did I know I'd hardly have time for much of that. When I scurried back into bed they checked me again and quickly called the doctor because they could feel little baby's head coming. Good thing the doctor was already downstairs because as she walked in minutes later, I felt like it was time. 

My regular doctor was out of town so his fill-in (Dr. Leon) was the one to be catching. I hate to say it but I didn't really love her and our personalities didn't quite mesh so her telling me to ignore every natural urge I had to push didn't go over all that great. She said there was still a lip of my cervix we needed to wait for but I felt like it wasn't my decision and this babe was coming if she liked it or not.

Here's when the hard part started. The actual pushing was hard, don't get me wrong, but the real hard part was when they told me to stop pushing and wait for the next contraction. That's when I doubted if I could do it. I'm not sure if it was the pain or my cheerleaders (Chris and Francie reassuring me I could do it and I was so close) but I couldn't stop pushing and my body just did its own thing to get our guy out. After three short pushes, during contractions or not, Chris and I got to experience the miracle of watching our son placed on my chest. It was a moment I'd relive everyday if I could.

It was hard, it was magical and we did it! I've never felt more supported by my husband and proud to bring another sweet boy into this world! 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 
― Lao Tzu

Smith Scott Torgersen 
9/12/12 @ 2:05 pm
9lb 1 oz & 21 in


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 38/39

I'm writing this after the fact, but week 38/39 definitely needs to be remembered. Because Hayes came early I kept anticipating meeting this little boy early too. Every time I'd bump my huge tummy into a door or chair I'd think, "That might be the last time I do that." Every time I'd put on a shirt that no longer covered my bump I'd think, "that'll be the last shirt I grow out of." ...and every time I was wrong. More bumps, less clothes that fit.

By the end of the week I started doubting he was ever going to make his debut. I started asking people about Castor oil and did google searches on how to make your baby drop. His little butt was still in my ribs and he had a long way down ahead of him. Talk about discouragement. I was well past uncomfortable at this point (and I bet he was pretty squashed from all the extra amniotic I had too). 

Tuesday we had an appointment with the doctor. Our doctor was out of town so we met Dr. Leon. As much as I wanted to love her, the second she left the room Chris and I looked at each other and both didn't feel comfortable. We had done all this planning on going natural and within minutes of meeting us she was talking about needing a c-section and the need for pitocin in labor because our baby was big and his shoulders "will definitely get stuck."

My thoughts went from getting this baby out to please hold on another week so Dr.Sauter can get home.

Good thing we have no say on this situation because we were only a day away from meeting our little love and this little guy didn't even give Dr. Leon a chance to change his plans on his big arrival. Boy are we so glad he's here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Funny story...
All morning long as we were getting ready for our first day of preschool (which my little buddy was so so so excited for) Hayes kept telling me that Pluto was going to school with him. I didn't think anything of it because my son has a thing for imaginary dogs so I just figured imaginary Pluto was going to school with him. Right before I took him in the front door I asked him what I could see bulging in his book bag. He unzips it and tells me, "I told you Pluto wanted to go to school with me." Needless to say, we shoved him back in and Pluto spent Hayes first day of school with him.

Now every time since, Hayes asks me to just "drop him off" and he'll run up the stairs by himself. Such an independent little guy that doesn't even need his momma anymore!