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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The last few months

I'm comfy at 80 degrees, Hayes is comfy at whatever the temperature is outside.

 We tried to do this cute little St. Patricks dinner for Hayes, he wanted absolutely nothing of it.
We have a little routine at our house. At least a hundred times a day Hayes heads over to our leg with the death grip and with all his might tries to pull us. With a little strain in his voice he tells us, "uuuup, please mom, uuuup." The persistent little stink won't give up until you get up, "come on, come on." Most the time he takes you to the kitchen and asks for a "treat please" but the other times he takes you to the door and wants outside. To say we are excited for Spring is an understatement!

Our biggest victory since the last update. No more binkie. I know I should be embarrassed it took this long to get rid of it, but the kid was obsessed with it and with Chris' crazy school schedule it wasn't a battle I wanted to tackle. BUT we finally did it and he still talks about it like we took a limb or vital organ from him. He asks me daily where his binkie is and before I can tell him for the millionth time it's broken, he gives me that famous Hayes scowl and tells me, "momma broke it!" Yep, I'm mean.

My favorite thing he does lately is his fake cry. The kid literally says (not cries, he says), "boo-hoo" with his lip all puckered out and it's so adorably fake. Hence the it's-almost-bedtime pout. Now dad's the mean one? Bully.