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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 12 & 13

Smells. Ugh, they are everywhere! Still puking and most of the time it is triggered by smells.
Call me crazy but I swear I felt this little goldfish fluttering around inside my belly this week.  The few times I have laid down and relaxed before bed I could feel a little bumping on my inside. Thirteen weeks seems way to early, but I swear there is no imagining it this many times in a row.

I am consumed by this baby’s gender. Boy or girl, girl or boy. What are you little baby? Dad and Hayes swear girl but I swear everyone I know is having their third or even fourth boy in a row. We really don’t care either way but we were just so anxious to know.

Week 10 & 11

I am an emotional wreck! Everything makes me cry…movies, blogs, even just a quite moment thinking about life. It’s not that I’m necessarily sad, in fact in this point of life I’m very grateful, but I just have all of these dang emotions. We are trying to get a house down in Vegas right now so my emotions (and brain) are everywhere. I just can’t wait to have a healthy little babe and a safe roof over our heads.

Telling people that we are expecting another little baby is always fun. My mom and dad kind of already guessed it. When we were down in Vegas with my dad looking for houses I was so so so sick. I made Chris pull over a few times while driving around, I puked over and over after my dad fell asleep at night and nothing sat right the entire week with me. We’ll just say being sick makes it hard to be discreet and my dad had a pretty good idea what was up.  Maybe it was the constant munching of animal crackers and Gardettos from my purse that gave it away. They seemed to be the only thing I could keep down.

Everyone is already so excited for this baby to come. Aunt Kam is already complaining he/she will be too far away to snuggle with anytime. Grandpa Dave shed a few tears and all in all everyone is every excited!

Hello crazy dreams. Well, maybe crazy isn’t the word to describe it. Maybe it is more like anxiety dreams. All night long I can’t sleep because I’m dreaming about moving to Vegas and not having a house. I know that’s silly and everything will work out but that’s not what my brain thinks when I shut everything else out at night. Don’t worry baby, by the time September comes along we should have everything worked out… I hope. 

Week 8 &9

It’s official, I have morning/afternoon/night sickness. Don’t get me wrong, some mornings I can go a few hours before getting sick but it’s safe to say the break doesn’t last too long.

Before our first appointment with the doctor, I was wondering if we had multiples in here cause this momma already feels frumpy around her tummy and oh so sick.  Since we will probably only be in Utah a few appointments before our big move to Vegas, we decided to try Dr. Housel.

We were so relieved to see our little gummy bear with it’s little heartbeat up on that ultrasound screen. We were nervous sitting there waiting to see the babe and make sure everything looked okay and seeing him/her up there already moving around was awesome. We will now be a family of four. That’s so fun!

Due date for baby #2: September 17, 2012

He thinks we might even get a glance at gender at the next appointment. We’ll be praying for that!

Week 7

It starts. Got sick a couple nights last week but sick almost every night this week. Hayes and I aren’t huge morning people, in fact it takes us a while for both of us to fully wake up in the morning. Give us the chance though, we could stay up playing all night long. Seems like this baby takes after dad and wants to sleep at night-even if I’m not ready for bed. If I don’t comply and lay down, baby brings on a  bad case of nausea. Oh no, what would we do with another person around this house that falls asleep with dad at 8:30 and wakes up bright and cheery every morning?

When we were little my dad used to ask my sister and me if he made a good chair. I never thought about that until this last month. I have now become Hayes’ chair. Now there are three people constantly connected to me. Myself, baby and my two year old. If Hayes isn’t sitting on me, he’s poking me, climbing on me or pulling me in every direction. Call me a chair or a punching bag, either way it’s time for Hayes to have a new playmate besides momma.

Baby #2

It still isn’t real. We have been so engulfed by BIG LIFE DECISIONS that it really hasn’t sunk in yet that we will get another bundle of joy. In fact, when we talk about it, it almost seems like a lifetime away and silly to already be ecstatic (which we totally are).  Since I haven’t had hardly any symptoms (besides occasionally having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee) I have to even remind myself that there is in fact a human being growing inside me.

Just like your big brother, I had no mother’s intuition about being pregnant. Not a dream, not a feeling…nothing. just a positive test. I can’t wait until it feels real. I can’t wait to remember what it feels like to have a baby kick inside of me or get the hiccups. I can’t wait.

We found out pretty early that we were pregnant (like 4 weeks). This is awesome and sucky at the same time. Awesome we are pregnant. Sucky because that means we have to wait even longer meet you. Let’s just hope you stay poked in there as long as possible before you make your little bump appearance. Finding out early also means keeping you a secret longer.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home sweet home

It's getting real. A little more than a month left of being a Utah resident...and I have anxiety. It's only a little anxiety about the actual move to Vegas, a little more about missing everyone, a little about Hayes handling the transition okay, and a little about the fact that we officially don't have a house down there yet. All those little anxieties creep into my dreams at night and I wake up frantically thinking we will have to live in our car.

I thought about posting the pictures that I took while walking through the houses for sale down in Vegas but now I look at them they are absolutely ridiculous. Here's the overview. Roof after roof and house after house of red clay "shingles", a beige stucco house followed by an off white stucco house followed by a vanilla colored stucco house, the world's largest supply of gravel landscaping rocks (that I can't wait for Hayes to chuck into our neighbor's windows) and 30 ft cement walls in everyone's side and backyard. I actually learned something from Vegas though. Grass is so over rated. Bring on the astro turf. No really, it is definitely different than the green Utah I am used to but I can't complain about rolling down the windows in the car and letting the sun soak into my skin mid February. I was loving that sunshine-and yes remind me that come mid summer when I'm dripping sweat in the 120s.

Finding a house by my requirements...
*how far is it from major malls?
*how far is it from West Elm/Home Goods/Anthro?
*how far is the closest pool? I'll even take the back yard!
*is there an extra room for visitors?
That's all I need. Easy enough?

I can't deny that I am super excited to finally get to decorate a house exactly how I want! Not that I haven't appreciated our condo but I am so excited to finally stretch out and start fresh.  I can smell the paint now.

I obviously started this post in March and am just getting back to it. Our short sale offer we put in in February finally came through and we get to (hopefully) close the end of May and move in first of June. I can't wait to finally unpack and get settled! 

*we are probably 15 minutes away from a few different malls (all of which are amazing)- including West Elm/Home Goods and Anthropologie...
*I'm still stalking the neighbors to see who I can jump the fence to take a little dip in their pool
*most importantly there is a whole separate room and bath for guests
Easy enough!

Viva Las Vegas!

There we were standing in the middle of the busy Fashion Place mall when my life changed (and no, not because our new H&M is a major let down compared to all the other H&Ms in this world- but it totally is, don't ya think?!). Where else would someone like me have an "aha" life changing moment besides the mall of all malls. It's the one place I turn to in my happiest of times and my dreariest of times, so it's fitting that right there by JCrew is when I started seeing life a little differently. I guess I put my gratitude glasses on.

The mall was busy with the holiday rush and Chris had just got done talking to a couple of his classmates from pharmacy school.  The things they said in those few short minutes might have changed my life. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic but they did change at least the next year or so of my life.

Not many of Chris' classmates have received jobs yet. They've all worked so hard these last few years and invested so much of their lives into their schooling. Now they are near the end and things aren't looking that positive for them.  Heck, when Chris started pharmacy school companies were handing out huge sign-on bonuses to any pharmacist that looked their way, but now the slow economy has taken over and jobs are scarce. In my head I calculate their (Chris included) humongous student loans as they talked. I'm sure it is enough to feed the entire continent of Africa for years. I tell people that the amount of money we owe can’t be an amount of money to me, it has to just be a number. If I think of it as money it makes me ill.

Anyway, the economy sucks and jobs are hard to come by and we were lucky enough in November to have been offered a really amazing job in Las Vegas. At first I hoped something else would come along. Anything else. Little old me never thought of leaving the comforts of her small town. I was Utah or bust. Then I put my gratitude glasses on realized this is such an opportunity many of Chris' classmates would love to have.

So we're going to Las Vegas in the end of March. As long as my family and friends promise to come and visit often and as long as we are together as a little family, we'll definitely make it work. Sure, it will be hard and I'll be the first one to admit I don't do very well with being alone (especially in a foreign state and ESPECIALLY because we don't have a house down there yet), but maybe that's just what we need to stretch and grow. We plan on staying for a year or so and then reevaluating our situation. Cross your fingers for us because this will be a crazy crazy ride! 

I already miss my family and friends. Is that weird? I'm sure Hayes is going to have a hard time too because he is so close to everyone up here. 
Here's a tribute to all the fun times Hayes has had the last two summers with some of his favorite people in the world. We are blessed to have them!