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Thursday, October 28, 2010

18 months

(another post never published, oops. I want to remember them still, especially now the puking finally stopped)

Dilemma. What do you do with a child that pukes? Nope, it isn't reflex anymore. Hayes pukes when he doesn't get his way. Sometimes he will cry for so long and so hard that he gags himself. Sometimes he'll just stick out his tongue and force the puke to come on purpose.
It's a lose lose with sleeping. Whenever he wakes up and we decide to leave him in his crib to cry it out, you better believe we are just sitting outside his door just waiting for the gagging/puking to start.

Gagging is such a dirty word at our house. It's a recipe for another load of laundry and it's a code word for mom's going to be so frustrated (and covered in puke) in just a few short minutes.

Do you let him cry it out and just clean up the puke or do you pick him up to stop it from coming (which reinforces that he just got what he wanted and now next time he wants something he'll just gag again).

I was at lunch with my dad and Kami the other day and Hayes didn't want to sit in the highchair so what do you think his solution to get his way was? Yep, he just started gagging himself until I had to run out of the restaurant to let him puke on the side of the building (we would have never made the bathroom).

When he's not being a stinker, he is pretty dang cute though. This kid is so funny. I find myself telling Chris everyday on the phone (because I hardly see the poor guy) what cute things Hayes does. He dances, tries to jump, finally expanded his favorite word "no" to include "no night night" (and you can't imagine how much attitude is behind it) and "no mom".

We find ourself just laughing at him and it's so hard to scold him when he's just so dang funny. We've been trying to teach him not to hit so we'll take his hand and tell him to be nice or be soft and rub his hand on our faces softly (Kam's good advice). So now he'll hit you or throw a ball at you and then immedietly run up to you rubbing your face saying "niiii-ce" with a big smile. Oh boy.