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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3.5-6 weeks

The first two pregnancies were a complete mystery. Is this a symptom? Is this normal? By number three most things have now become a pattern. Unfortunately, once I've got this thing down to clockwork, it may be the last time we need this information (well, if it was up to Chris anyway). I say let's wait and see.

Just like Smith, I knew before I was 4 weeks. And just like Smith, I was surprised to see that second line on the pregnancy test.  I just wasn't expecting it and it took my breathe away. So, how do I tell Chris? I snuck downstairs and downloaded a bunch of "What to Expect" pregnancy apps on his phone, haha. It didn't even take him 15 minutes before he came up,  "Ummm, is this a hint?" So funny! We are so excited to add another little bean to our family. We knew it had been time and someone was waiting to join our family of four. Wow,  five? We are so blessed!

So once again , I felt like a had a short run with the flu (just the baby flu) with some 4 week body aches and stuffy nose and such. Of course let's not ever forget the middle of the night peeing. Oh how I'll never embrace that symptom. Everyone knows I love my sleep.

Anyway, I have a seven (ish) week appointment with a new doctor here in Vegas (I couldn't handle not getting more than one ultrasound to see this little sweetie is okay every month- call me paranoid or  maybe just concerned- so I'm seeing a perinatal. Why doesn't Vegas get up with technology?).  We'll pray that this early Dr. Bohman can show us a little heartbeat.  Then a few weeks later, we are headed to Utah for Christmas so we might have to share the news with everyone. This might be the first time everyone is truly surprised. We can't wait!

What a blessing being a mom is! I can't imagine life without our two little rowdy boys and even though I'm sure we are in for some crazy times ahead, I can't imagine life any other way.  I'm truly giddy!

Note: baby nasuea started at week 5, of course when we were in the car for 9 hours driving to Utah in the biggest snow storm  ever on our way to my grandpa's funeral. Good grief, talk about timing. That's okay, I'll take pregnancy symptoms. Helps me think everything is okay in there. Here's how I cope,  I'm sick if I don't have something in my stomach, so I eat. All day. Then I'm fat and the thought of being fat makes me even sicker... So I eat again. Lovely cycle. Haha!

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