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Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 19 & 20

Met a new doctor in Vegas. He’s kind of corky and I like him. Even though I didn’t have any questions to ask him, I tried my hardest to search my brain for anything to say- just to make sure I trusted him with the birth of our precious babe. He won me over when he started head bopping to Hayes’ Spiderman theme song on my phone and I realized he's just as chill as could be. Everything will work out. Phew!

Halfway! Already halfway there and still so much to do! Moving into a new house and trying to get settled will be quite the project (especially without a lot of family around).  I want everything to be perfect for your big arrival so we have a few busy months ahead of us!

The fun thing about this part of the pregnancy is feeling you kick all day! Can’t get enough of those little somersaults and nothing is more reassuring than feeling that you are okay in there. Stay okay in there and I won't even complain about the constant kicking through the night, deal!? 

Week 16-18

Hang in there little baby. You are one of the only calm/stable things in my life right now so I kind of depend on your constant companionship. With your brother’s birthday, packing up all of our stuff and moving to a new state, Chris trying to fit into a new job, unpacking, etc. it seems everything besides my two little boys are new and foreign to me. It’s crazy how a tiny kick from the inside or a snuggle from a (now) three year old reminds me what’s important in life. Our little family!

Week 14 & 15

Dr H: Do you guys want to know the gender?
Us: YES!
Dr H: (puts ultrasound machine on my tummy and sees the baby’s back. Wiggles machine a tich and gets the shot within seconds).
Me: How sure are you?
Dr H: Want me to keep looking?...Boy (readjusts machine) Boy (readjusts machine) Boy. Boy. Boy. Boy. Definitely boy!

Wow! I have a flash forward to mud, trucks and tons more sports in our future. Hayes will have a little buddy to show how to get into trouble. He’ll have his brother the way I had my sister. Best of friends!

Chris’ flash forward was a little different. We get in the car and he says, “Wow, a boy huh? That means you’re going to want to try for a girl again aren’t you?”
Baahahaha! SO funny and so excited to meet our little dude!

Hayes' 3rd Bday Party!

Of course we couldn't do anything other than a superhero party this year. Hayes is obsessed! Thanks to everyone who came and sported their super powers ;)