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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hayes' First Christmas!

I remember thinking last year how different things would be this year. It would no longer just be the two of us and we'd have someone else to share our traditions with. We had no idea just how great it'd really be.

Here are a few of the things that I want Hayes to know about his first Christmas.

  • this kid has so many people that love him
  • his favorite part of opening presents were the bows and ribbons
  • he hated going Christmas shopping so bad that he puked all over his momma in the middle of the mall (and then on himself, the floor, and the people around us)... multiple times
  • we thought he'd terrorize the tree but he actually just liked to stare at the lights. He left the terrorizing to the garland and beads on the banister
  • he loved all the noise making toys he got, his dad didn't so much
  • snowballs are his favorite treat (thanks to his pop-pop) or maybe just going outside to get them is his favorite

We had such a fun/busy Christmas with Christmas Eve with Chris' family in Murray, an early waking up to see what Santa left, breakfast with the Christensen's and presents with my dad, back to Murray with gma/pa Udarbe, and finally back to Ogden to see my mom. Holy cow, it felt as busy as it sounds, but for me that's how it should be. Christmas has always been a little of jumping from here to there to see all the people we love!