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Monday, October 20, 2008

I love these...

I keep saving these pictures over and over in my google reader account. I can't let them go. I look at them and I just get happy. Yesterday Kami asked me what blogs I look at, so I think I'll share some of them so you can love them too.

This picture reminds me of my childhood. My dad would make us ebelkivers and suzies on weekend mornings. My mouth waters just looking at them. This picture came from A Little Sussy . She is a photographer and chef!
When she posted these cute crafts, I put them on my "if I only had time, I would make these" list.
Whenever I get a post from Tangle and True, my adrenaline picks up a little. They alway have the cutest kids stuff. I guess I can be into that now without it being wierd. They also do a bunch of awesome randomness. A mobile, family tree picture, robot cupcakes, and homemade samoas all on the same blog! Love them!

Here are some good ones from Design Mom.

On to photography. Julie Parker's blog is one of my sister and my favorites to look at. She also takes the pictures for one of our favorite baby stores ever, Little Cherry Blossoms on 25th street.

This picture gets me excited for a little boy!

Now I shared all my favorites, let me know what blogs you like.

I got the best deal ever!

Before we left for Hawaii I took some pictures of Breklyn's kids, Ivie and Zander. It really wasn't a big deal at all, in fact it was pretty fun. In return, Brek said she would make me a rug. She actually looms them herself and they are incredible! She just finished one for her sister that I seriously wanted to steal. If I picked what colors to use, it'd be so cute in the baby's room.

The funny part is that when she offered, she hadn't even seen the pictures yet. Maybe when she sees them she'll change her mind and offer a washcloth instead. I definitely got the better end of this trade because the rugs take forever to make and her kids are adorable!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Think blue!

Chris and I went to our appointment last night and we got some big news...

Legs crossed, body parts hiding, and modesty in full force, I threatened to not leave until this little baby cooperated. So stubborn already! After a few long minutes of searching, our doctor finally thought he saw what he was looking for. Chris could see it too, but I couldn't tell a darn thing.

This is when I asked the doctor how sure he was so I could have some sanity during the next four weeks. The doctor decided to do a little more wiggling and adjusting in there and sure enough, there he was. Our little man! Chris was right from the very beginning and we are so excited! The doctor said he is 99.5% sure we are having a little boy. Everything looked great and the best part was seeing him suck on his little fingers.

It's just a little more real now, but just a little! I can't wait to feel him moving around in there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weeks 9-12

How did we tell everyone? With these… It’ll be the first grandbaby (and great grandbaby) on Chris’ side of the family and they were all way excited. Anita even squealed a little. My dad’s family is so huge that our baby will fit right into the litter. I knew Kami and my aunt Meri would be thrilled (which they were) and I’ve got a ton of phone calls and e-mails from them and my friends just asking how I am. I don’t think they realize how much I appreciate that! Out of everyone I wondered what my dad’s reaction would be. He’s so cute and is way excited, as you can tell. After we showed him the ultrasound picture, Navie told Kami we were silly for giving Pop Pop a picture of an eye…or maybe a sidewalk. Sometimes I feel like it’s a huge piece of cement in there myself, good call Navie. She thinks we should name the baby Spiderman if it’s a boy or Abigail if it’s a girl. The way our name ideas are coming, they are actually starting to sound good. Good thing we have a long time to think of the perfect name.My mom was pretty excited too. When I told her the news, I don’t think it really registered at first. Later that night I got a text saying, “my baby is having a baby” and that's when I think it finally sunk in.

My survival kit this week:
Tums - heartburn sucks
Milk - it seems to lessen the heartburn
Gum - I heard chewing produces more saliva and reduces heartburn
Google - pregnancy & heartburn

I’ve always hated taking “real” medications, even simple stuff like Tylenol. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel weak when I take them or that they are going to come out with some recall in ten years that whatever I took will eventually cause cancer and kill me. I am especially more paranoid now that I'm taking medication for someone else. Marry into a family of pharmacists and try to explain that to them. Seriously, my in-laws have a mini pharmacy in their kitchen and they set out handfuls of pills every night for everyone to take the next day.
My first big accomplishment has been taking prenatals religiously and that is big for me. Now I think I’m officially ready to take the next step in life, Zantac. I'll probably ask my doctor at my next visit before I do anything huge. Mitzi, get over it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching up, weeks 5-8

Here’s how the next few weeks went…

First comes nausea, well actually first came cramping or maybe even having to pee a lot, (it's all a blur already) but nausea was definitely at the top of the list. Really, already? Week 6ish came around and I thought I had some bird flu. No fever or sweats, just random nausea. Obviously not the flu. Aren’t you supposed to feel pregnant before the puking feelings emerge? Warning, warning. Who’s up for a little foreshadowing with the puking?

My recurring nightmare - I walk slowly at first as a room full of teenage eyes glare into the back of my head. “Where is she going?” they mutter. Once I make it to the door, I’m free to book it down my hall and dodge a few random students. It reminds me of a giant game of Frogger. I’m the frog half way across the street that is about to get pummeled. I lose all my pride as I bump into a kid that smells like the mall, Abercrombie to be exact, and he gives me an oh-you-just-didn’t look. Yes, I did and I would apologize if my mouth wasn’t full. I dive the last 30 feet looking for the safety of the bathroom. Luckily, I have only had one really bad day at school so far, and thankfully I was able to sneak away without being too obvious. I'll knock on wood about that one.

At this point I should have invested in some duck tape to slap across my mouth or a big fat muzzle to shut me up! I have to stop talking. I know I’m going to let the secret slip and yet I feel like everyone already knows somehow. If you know me, you know I talk about everything from my morning toothbrush session to a pair of shoes I saw at the mall, so something as huge as this is killing me to keep quiet. The less I talk the better!

Speaking of the mall, I run into an old friend and seriously wish I could be wearing one of those “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant” shirts so she doesn’t tell everyone how chunky I am. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to have really gained weight yet, but ugh, I swear my stomach is so squishy! I want these t-shirts for every day of the week. Think Chris would wear this one? Number overload. Brain conversions begin. Months turn into weeks, weeks turn into appointments and appointments turn into “whoa, what’s that?” The first doctor’s appointment was definitely an experience. Like a good sister, Kam gave me the heads up about this wand and rubber thing that looks like a…well, let’s just say I was shaking in my chair before they paged us in. What am I getting into?

I’ve never prayed so hard for something to be healthy. To be perfectly honest, I was scared to death that we were going to see a herd of babies chilling in there. As the doctor starts doing his thing my fear starts to become a reality as the word “babies” slips out of his mouth. Oh crap! I hear Chris take in a huge breath from over my shoulder. I don’t dare look in his direction. “Oh, I mean baby,” the doctor says as he lets out a few giggles and chomps his gum a few times. “Just kidding, for sure there is just one in there.” Not funny, not funny at all!

Congratulations, it looks like a lot of blotches with a little smudgy core. That’s the cutest smudge I’ve ever seen! The doctor showed us its little head and we tried our hardest to use our imagination to believe what we saw was a little baby. I immediately fell in love with its flickering heartbeat, what a relief. Our due date is officially April 13th which couldn’t be more perfect! I’ll take a little maternity leave and then slide right into summer vacation!