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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hayes at 4

When he walks in a room, he's a little shy at first but when he warms up, he's a hoot. That's my little four year old! He loves his friends more than anything and wears his sensitive heart on his sleeve. He is obsessed with his dog, electronics (Wii, ipad, ipod-you name it), sports and would much rather wear a hat than get his hair done.

I love that my little buddy is getting so big and says things like, "that really freaks me out" and asks a million questions about everything, "how do Orcas get into acquariums?"  Or "let's talk about ---- (how the rain is made, how we build houses, etc)". One of the cutest things Hayes does is says, "right?" after everything that comes out of his mouth. He sounds like a teenager. "Mom, that's funny...right?"

School concepts come easy to him and he loves preschool. When he does something he is proud of, he is the first to fist pump himself and say "yeah!" Oh the curiosity this kid has is amazing. He asks daily anything from what the inside of the Earth looks like to why geysers steam. He wants to know how buildings stay up and is always asking how to spell people's names.

The best thing about Hayes is his love for others and the sweetness he shows. He's always hugging us and telling us he loves us as big as outer space. I'll never get sick of his little displays of affections or the way he touches my hair. He might be big but he's still my little baby.

I can't even say how often Hayes has us laughing and how much we enjoy just hanging out with the little guy. We love you Hazard!!!

Right now he says his favorite is...
Food: lucky charms
TV show: Rabbids
Movie: Despicable Me 2
Color: Orange and Blue
Acivity: Jumping on the tramp
Friend: Knox
Restaurant: McDonalds with a playground

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