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Friday, April 9, 2010

He's one!

Happy Birthday Hayes!

Here are some things I'll remember most about Hayes at one...
*The kid is obsessed with sticking his tongue out and rolling/twisting it all over the place.
*He could totally walk if he wanted to but the second he realizes he's walking he sits right down and crawls.
*He mocks what we say, "bye-bye, outside, up, no, Hayes, mom, dad, ball, dude, hat..." after we say it and jabbers all the rest of the time like he's having a conversation with us and we should understand what he's saying.
*He has the cutest 8 little teeth.
*He loves balls...and mac-n-cheese!
*He points at everything. He'll point at the front door and then wave bye-bye all day long like hello, don't you know what I want.
*He takes after Navie and Ridge and gives a little grunt if he doesn't like what your doing.
*He rarely takes a nap.
*He goes up and down the stairs a million times a day.
*He loves rough housing and being right up in your face.
*He loves his mom! What? If you write a post about him you can say whatever you want too!

We love our little one year old!