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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy 2nd B-day!

We had huge plans for Hayes' second birthday. The crate paper was out, decorations in check and party a go. Only problem? The dang weather.

We had plans to go to Logan for baby animal days on Hayes' actual birthday so you could imagine how bummed we were when it rained poured flooded the entire morning. We decided to go anyway and try our luck with the animals inside the barns. Hayes loved it despite the rain and gushy mud. We didn't last very long before we took shelter at a nearby McDonalds and let the kids warm up and run around. So much for cute decorations, but hey the thought was definitely there.

Here's Hayes spread out birthday week...
Did you expect anything but a Buzz lightyear party?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where did my baby go?

{I obviously never posted this because I never got around to uploading the pictures...oh well, here it is waaaay late, haha}

A two year-old? Really? I can't believe Hayes is going to be 2 in a couple short days. Even though I miss my sweet little baby, Hayes is so much fun now.

About our almost two-year old, (sigh)...

  • Our house right now revolves around "Bight-year". Oh gosh, Buzz is his favorite thing in the entire world. No joke! He used to yell "mom" for me to come get him out of his crib but now more times than that he yells, "where's Bightyear, where's Bightyear?" He'd watch Toy Story all day if I let him. 
  • He also obsesses about everything little boy like helicopters, airplanes, trains, tractors, cars, remotes, puddles... His favorite time of day is when the garbage man comes.
  • He'd definitely move his bedroom outside if we let him. He'll grab his shoes and coat and he lets me know when he thinks it's time to go outside.
  • He's a list maker, especially when we are in the car. The other day we were heading out to Kami's and I told him where we were going so he made a list that went something like this, "Ridge, Navie, Pop pop, Ridge, Aunt Kam, Pop pop, Dax, Pop pop's bachoe..." and he says it so matter of fact like.
  • He likes to sing before we tuck him in at night. If he doesn't know the words he makes them up as he goes. 
  • Hayes is quite the little counter. We went through a period where he hated the numbers 1 and 7 and always left them out but now he finally includes them and counts to ten like a champ. He totally uses it to his advantage too. It's like if he goes to all the effort to count, we had darn well better do something special when he finally gets to ten like applaud him or swing him in the air or how could we possibly get mad at him for jumping down the stairs if he just counted so perfectly before take off?!?