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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The last day of summer

Today officially marks the last day of summer for me as I head back to work bright and early in the morning. As I think of my alarm blaring at me at 5:30 for the next nine months, I feel a little tear start to gather in my eye. Not only that, but my next job is putting hundreds of names to their cute little faces and forcing them into long term memory. Not bad enough you say, try getting a stupid yearbook picture taken tomorrow. I thought I was over the days of worrying about a bad yearbook picture!

To honor this summer, here's one last hooray for the fun I've had these glorius last three months. What better place to start then with a picture of the girls I love. What can beat a girl's night out?
I can't think of this summer without thinking of all my dodgeball friends, our giggles, and our outbursts at the refs (and occasionally a select few on the other teams).
The sidelines. This is unfortunately where most of us spend our time! And the best part of this summer is just getting together with friends. Kam and Dax made us the best food this last week and let us all hang out in their newly finished yard!
For one final shabang, my family came up tonight to celebrate some birthdays at the pool.
Here's the cakes Kam made.

These were so cool, you need a closer look.

So, wish me luck for this school year. I'm afraid with coaching the boys and girl's golf teams I'm going to really need it!