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Friday, June 13, 2008

Have you heard our story?

It was the beginning of my very first year of college and I was with my dad at the golf banquet for Weber State. I was a brand new freshman sitting there with my new haircut and trying not to let all my new teammates see how nervous I was. He was an oh-so-cool sophomore that strolled in late to be surrounded by tons of friends.

A few days later the girl’s team had a “get to know you” party in the boxes at the football stadium. Coach gave us all a questionnaire to break the ice a little. About halfway down the page was a question that asked us which boy we think we could be “friends” with on the boy’s team. Not only did I scrawl Chris’ name on my paper, but his name was at the top of other girl’s list too (and I’m sure I gave out a few looks because darn, who wants competition).

What? He’s the only boy with a girlfriend, of course.

We “hung out” a lot with the team and magically always ended up just talking to each other. On the course I had never been so diligent at practicing. We were the first ones there and last ones to leave. He even let me win some putting competitions.

Did I say girlfriend…not for long! The weekend after they broke up, Chris and I went on our first real date. After dinner we stopped by his apartment to meet with some friends. When we walked in Ben (his old roommate and one of my favorites) tried to quietly get us to leave. We had no idea what was going on when Chris’ tear-filled old girlfriend came walking out of his room. Man, she was not happy to see me! I don’t blame her though, I wouldn’t want to let him go either.

Two years later (and after many many late night trips from Pleasant View to Murray) we got engaged. Chris surprised me with a picnic full of beautiful flowers, candles, and all my favorite foods! It was so sweet. He was bummed because the hot air balloon ride he had planned couldn't take off because of the weather. I still thought it was perfect!

And a few months later I married my best friend in the Salt Lake Temple.

I don't think I've shared pics of our moms yet, so here they are. Aren't they beautiful?
Then we spent the next week in Cancun!

And now we have been married for three years in July. Love ya babe!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photograhy workshop

Here are a couple pictures I took at the workshop yesterday. I'd go again in a second!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I can’t wait!

I have this crazy feeling deep in the pit of my stomach…
You know that excited feeling you get when the doors of Tai Pan slide open? You start anticipating all the greatness that might be waiting inside. It’s like the same feeling of putting your first pair of booties on at the Parade of Homes (which by the way is just around the corner)! This last week I have had those same excited feelings nonstop. Why? This Saturday Kami and I are going to ten hours of photography fun at the Picture Life Workshop!

Everything is ready and I’m stoked. I got a new camera

and lens

I'm so excited that I am actually taking notes in my camera’s manual and reading this book.

To be prepared for the big day, I got Kami to come out with me to experiment a little with my camera. Thanks for all your help Kam! My niece makes the perfect model. Here are some of the pics I snapped and put in my first collage in photoshop.