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Monday, October 13, 2008

Weeks 9-12

How did we tell everyone? With these… It’ll be the first grandbaby (and great grandbaby) on Chris’ side of the family and they were all way excited. Anita even squealed a little. My dad’s family is so huge that our baby will fit right into the litter. I knew Kami and my aunt Meri would be thrilled (which they were) and I’ve got a ton of phone calls and e-mails from them and my friends just asking how I am. I don’t think they realize how much I appreciate that! Out of everyone I wondered what my dad’s reaction would be. He’s so cute and is way excited, as you can tell. After we showed him the ultrasound picture, Navie told Kami we were silly for giving Pop Pop a picture of an eye…or maybe a sidewalk. Sometimes I feel like it’s a huge piece of cement in there myself, good call Navie. She thinks we should name the baby Spiderman if it’s a boy or Abigail if it’s a girl. The way our name ideas are coming, they are actually starting to sound good. Good thing we have a long time to think of the perfect name.My mom was pretty excited too. When I told her the news, I don’t think it really registered at first. Later that night I got a text saying, “my baby is having a baby” and that's when I think it finally sunk in.

My survival kit this week:
Tums - heartburn sucks
Milk - it seems to lessen the heartburn
Gum - I heard chewing produces more saliva and reduces heartburn
Google - pregnancy & heartburn

I’ve always hated taking “real” medications, even simple stuff like Tylenol. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel weak when I take them or that they are going to come out with some recall in ten years that whatever I took will eventually cause cancer and kill me. I am especially more paranoid now that I'm taking medication for someone else. Marry into a family of pharmacists and try to explain that to them. Seriously, my in-laws have a mini pharmacy in their kitchen and they set out handfuls of pills every night for everyone to take the next day.
My first big accomplishment has been taking prenatals religiously and that is big for me. Now I think I’m officially ready to take the next step in life, Zantac. I'll probably ask my doctor at my next visit before I do anything huge. Mitzi, get over it!


MicheLLe said...

I love reading your blog. I think you need to write a book, or be hired on with Pregnancy magazine or something. You make me laugh!!
Glad you're back and can't wait to see pictures of your trip! See you tonight!

Dan and Tori said...

Cute announcement! No, I didn't ever receive the emails. That's crazy, since you sent them to the same address I sent you mine... Anyway, I am still so thrilled for you. Sorry about the heartburn! That sucks. Have your students caught on yet? The questions they ask can become pretty awkward huh? I love hearing your experiences, so keep them coming!

Ryan and Heidi said...

Oh man I'm sorry you have heartburn already! Tums will be your best friend especially when it gets worse at the end! You're so good if you are taking the prenatals religiously! They made me way too sick so I just took a folic acid pill. They were just as good! Way cute way to tell your family!