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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love-sitting (it really wasn't babysitting)

I love them, but is it rude to ask Kami & Dax to leave town more often? What could possibly be better than an entire weekend with two of my favorite kids ever? The world was ours, so we decided to do the insane...Chuck-E-Cheese's. This was our first time experiencing the disneyland of Layton and it was truly a test of our parenting skills. Why didn't anyone tell me it was a requirement to bring every kid on the planet to Chuck-E-Cheese's on Friday nights?

Navie loved her uncle Chris all weekend long and was his best buddy. First she shoved her feet in his face and forced him out of bed during the night. When she realized he had moved to the couch, guess who ditched me and followed him? This is what I came out to see in the morning. Isn't it the sweetest! Ridge was actually pretty good for the most part too. We'll definitely have to have more sleepovers this summer!

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Kami said...

yep, if I didn't tell you guys before... I love you guys! You really are the best in THE WORLD! You guys will be the BEST parents! Thank you for being your wonderful self!