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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 37

While you were pregnant, did you ever...

  • have more zits on your face than your entire class of 16 year olds combined?
  • eat Ramen in the bathtub because you were so sick and the bathtub was the only solution for you to breathe (and you just happen to be on the "eat every couple hours or die" schedule)?
  • puke so loud at the Circle of Life that every head nodded with empathy at you when you came back into the waiting room?
  • take a power nap behind your desk at work and hope nobody would see your feet sticking out?
  • cry so hard (because your stressed about grades being due the next day and you can't stop thinking baby is going to come early to be welcomed by a desolate house of unpacked boxes) that you make yourself sick, literally.
  • cross your fingers (and legs) every time you sneeze, just praying your bladder holds true?
  • yearn for the smell of the mall?
  • sign up for parenting magazine because you should, even though you haven't read a single one?
  • not want this little baby to come out so you could always be inseparable?
  • want this little baby out so bad because you can't wait to snuggle his face?

I haven't done any of these things either, I was just wondering if you have ;)


Sky, Steph, and Selma said...

Haha, how do some of those sound so dang familiar?!

I'm with you on the sneezing bladder (oh and not to be a pessimist, but it doesn't get too much better after either haha :), the parenting magazines (I think I get American Baby, Parenting, and Parents and I'm lucky if I read one of them every month.. Don't worry, I only paid $12 for one of them, the rest were free!), and I always yearned for weird smells too.. Can't wait for Baby T!

Oh, and seriously, can I come over and help unpack or something?! Let me do something!! Remember how I sit at home? Maybe while you're at school I could come over and just get stuff done for you, think about it, really.. I'm game!

The Tracys said...

You said it all Mitzi. I especially agree with the last two. I remember how strange it felt not to be pregnant anymore. And the first time I went somewhere alone was the strangest feeling ever! I'm so excited for you though. There is nothing better than snuggling your little baby! I would love to help you out if you need anything. We should get together before you have the baby if you're up to it!

Katie and Rob said...

Ha ha ha! Love this post! All are so true! You want the baby out, but then worry that you will want to be pregnant again. I very much miss my prego belly! You are getting so close! Enjoy these last few weeks :)

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

haha that is awesome, so the Ramon noodle in the bath tub, I am totally guilty of! I loved those when I was sick and the warm water was nice, haha that is so funny!

How was your move? hope it all went well! we need to hang out before baby comes i want to see you belly one more time and I also need to give you your gift!!!

Ruth said...

Yeah right. We know you did! I'm so sorry too! Some of those sound pretty embarassing.

Love ya girl!

Ruth said...

Yeah right. We know you did! I'm so sorry too! Some of those sound pretty embarassing.

Love ya girl!

Kami said...

I feel for ya girl... and boy do I have some good ones that could make your list!

Your house will come together, it already looks great, you just need a few things on the wall and you'll be set! Give me a week and that will be dunzo!!!

Beau and Laci said...

O I feel your pain. I have had a few of those and some others. The last two are on my list for sure!! Almost done Yay!!

Kara said...

That was such a funny post! You are so close and then you can snuggle his cute little face. I am so excited for you!

Kami said...

Yes to many of those! Hope everything goes great with your delivery! Looks like we will be really close to having these babies at the same time!