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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living out of a suitcase

I love love love summer. Even though I am still having nightmares about school starting again in August, the idea of getting paid while out having fun might just make teaching worth it. How many jobs pay you while you ride rides in Dinseyland? Sweet! I bet teaching is a lot like childbirth. Yes, I really did just say that. You have to have a period of time filled with good memories to make you forget the nine months of pain. If not, you’d never do it again. So this summer we are totally taking advantage of the time I have off. Chris’ work is about to kill him for being gone so much, but I really have loved the time together.

First on the list was relaxation. Our summer started with an impulse trip to the cabin with a bunch of friends. I’d really like to say we went camping, but it’s more like a huge log house nested in the mountains above Oakley. Water running, toilets flushing, this is definitely my type of camping. Thanks for coming with us guys! We had so much fun up there that we are already talking about doing it again. Anyone up for a trip?
Next on the list was heat. Right when we got home we packed up our things and headed to California with my family! We spent a week in Disneyland, at the beach, and in Hollywood where they were having record heat waves. It was so HOT! We always have a blast with the family and this trip was no exception! So fun! Even though we walked a million miles, I still must have gained 50 pounds from all the eating out and yummy treats. Disneyland really is magical. Our favorite parts were having dinner in Goofy’s Kitchen and the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure.

The girl’s loved Libby Lou in downtown Disney and I already miss Huntington beach. Why can't Utah be on a coast so we can play in the ocean all the time!

To wrap up the trip we stopped for a couple days in Vegas on our way home. Along with a butt load more walking and crazy heat, we saw the jousting show at Excaliber, lounged by the pool, and Chris and I went out one night to see a Cirque de Soleil show. Seriously, this was the best show I’d ever seen. Ever! I can’t even explain how awesome it was. It wasn’t just a show, it was art! All the body bending was cool, but that wasn’t even the amazing part. The stage really stole the show. There were a few different floating stages that twisted and even went vertical with people performing on them the entire time. I can’t explain it well, just go see it!

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur

Ka at MGM

Now we finally cought up on laundry and are packed again and are on our way to Tahoe with Chris’ family. Just livin out of a suitcase! Wahoo!


Sky & Steph said...

Count us in for another "camping" trip, gotta love those!! You guys really have been living out of suitcase! What fun vacations though and what better time to do it then now right? Lucky ducks!! We'll miss you guys while you're in Tahoe, hope you have a blast!!

dan&tori said...

Wow guys! You're having such an exciting summer! Have a great time in Tahoe. I love that picture with you, Chris, and Goofy. I think I laughed out loud, it's so cute! I really hope we can catch up with you guys some evening before we move to St. Louis. Give me a call when you get back from Tahoe, and we can stop by! Miss you!

Ruth said...

Hey! I really want to tell you how much you suck right now! I am soooo jealous! But I'm glad you had so much fun! The sun sounds fabulous right now and I really, really want to see that circus show! So who all went to the cabin with you? That's definitely my kind of camping too! And guess what! We're coming home to Utah! We arrive on Sept 23 so we HAVE to see you guys! I hope you'll be done with your suitcase living by then. :)

Paige said...

I hate you! That sounds like so much fun! I should've stuck with teaching. I would love to have summers off to just play! I love that you said it's like having a baby. too funny. oh, we're up for a trip to the cabin anytime you want to go! :) thanks for the invite, we were bummed we couldn't come with.

Amelia said...

Comparing school to giving birth?...I don't know about that!! Once you've done both I'll let you check back on that statement! :) Although it's true, you have to have a "prize" after so much work and pain to make you forget and do it all over again! The cabin is my kind of camping too- running water, electricity- yeah, that's the way to go! Let me know when you're thinking of going up again! We'd love to come! See you when you get back!

Angie & Tyler said...

Sounds like you are having a fun, busy summer! I bet its cruisin' by for you guys though....Ü