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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My life is incomplete without you...

My long lost friends...where have you been? I desperately (no pun intended) need your company. I know, Chris is sorry...he really doesn't hate you! Andrew Firestone was my favorite... but now I pray Jason is next! I'll patiently await your return but please come back soon! I've kind of been sick, sigh...again, and I've spent some serious quality time with my couch the last couple of days. First I got my wisdom teeth yanked, now all this stuffy pressure from a cold that won't go away! Seriously, who gets sick in the summer?
It wouldn't be so bad, except I have now come to the conclusion that daytime television sucks! Have you ever honestly watched an entire episode of The View? Gag! Could someone teach them that it's rude to interrupt. Hello, we can't understand that pandemonium you call a conversation. And Whoopi for heaven sakes, could you be a more pessimistic person? Maybe I'm just extra sensitive because her voice made my head hurt even worse than it already did. Does anyone else think so or have I just become a crabby old couch lady?
Hummm, crabby...come to think of it, Chris did leave an hour early for work today. You better believe I texted him when I realized just how early he left. "Let's play a game," I said. "You are either A- in love with your job, B- sick of your wife, or C- at the golf course." His reply, "well it's not A or B." Now I think about it, it very well could have been both B and C! When did I turn into such a prickly person? Call me crabby crab head. A grump from the city dump.
At this point I need good reality TV and fast before my desperation and I turn to Flavor of Love for entertainment! Pathetic, sure but don't we all have weaknesses! Hey, maybe I could share one of your obsessions instead.
By the way, who do you think will win Big Brother 10? My votes go to Ollie or Dan


Sky & Steph said...

Haha Mitz, you are so funny! Like you are even crabby at all!! You crabby is like me normally so I don't know what you're talking about you crazy girl. I have to admit that I think that daytime television is probably the worst ever too. At 10, Law & Order Criminal Intent comes on though, so if I'm ever at home and not doing anything at 10 in the morning, I watch that. Lately I've been into reading a lot more when I've been home during the day, maybe we could start a book club, that'd be fun huh? I think after Breaking Dawn I'm going to start the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I've heard those are great so there's an idea for a boredom cure, eh? Good luck in your quest!

Angie said...

I have to agree, T.V is crappy in the summertime! I am going through withdrawls & I'm looking forward to all my shows to start up again! Don't feel too bad, you're not the only T.V junkie around here! Ü