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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Red Sox Nation

Most people anticipate spring time when the grass starts poking up through the snow and swimming suits suddenly appear at Target. For most people, spring is a time of cleaning, sunshine, and being twitterpated.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case for me. I know spring is here when I turn on the car and Sports Talk is blaring in my ears. Spring for me is trying to hold a conversation with Chris while he is “pretending” not to be glued to the game behind me. Spring is the beginning of baseball season and another seven months of my husband thinking our quality time together should be shared with Manny and Ortiz.

Last summer we went to a couple Boston games. I haven’t quite made it to Fenway yet, but I feel it’s inevitable in my future. Hey, at least Chris didn’t make me go to a double header on our honeymoon like Chris’ dad made his mom. Although, if the Red Sox played in Cancun I’m sure we would have been there.
We took a trip to California with Chris' little sis (Nikki) and bro (Andy). I discovered if you are a Torgersen it is required to be a die-hard Boston fan. I really am trying to convert! For Andy's senior trip he went to a Yankee's game in New York and what do ya think he wore... a Red Sox shirt. They weren't even playing the Sox. Now that's brave, and yes he got food chucked at him!

Have you ever seen Fever Pitch? Chris loved it, but it was way too realistic for me. My life went Hollywood! One regular season Red Sox game down, 161 to go! Go Boston!


Paige said...

oh you poor thing! I find baseball extremely boring (don't tell chris I said that)but I'm sure I would learn to like it if Phi was a big fan. You're a good wife!

Kami said...

Now this is some funny stuff! I am laughing out loud! Maybe it is so funny to me because I KNOW how fanatical Chris is about it! Oh, let me tell you how thankful that I am that Dax doesn't watch sports on the television!!! You are such a funny writer, I love reading your blog it cracks me up! Why are you not this funny in real life? Ha ha just kidding! Love ya!

Erin said...

So funny! Derek has a bit of an obsession! Oh wait, so does Chris!!! What is up with these men and sports obsessions?! Cute post :)

Mitzi said...

I admit I am pretty lame in real life...the power of a backspace! Have you ever heard the Brad Paisley song "I'm Cooler Online" it's so funny! That's me!

Erin, I try to keep the really deep dark obsessions (golf) hidden from other's as long as possible.

MicheLLe said...

You crack me up Mitz! I had no idea Chris liked, yes....but baseball?? WHY? I always thought baseball was on TV so that the ladies could stare at the cute bums in those baseball pants! Call me crazy, but there's just something about base ball pants or those cute navy blue cargo-ish pants that firemen wear..YUMMY!! The only thing that would make it better is if they would hold a ream of copy paper while they stood there in them sexy britches! ha ha..totally kidding, well....kind of!

The Barrett Family said...

I really love baseball too, but you are probably a bigger fan than I am. I love that that is what gets you excited in the spring.

Lisa said...

You crack me up! I love reading your blog too. I feel sorry for you though-- if the games were live, that would be interesting; but TV is so lame! At least you have a few new hobbies... dodgeball anyone?

Ruth said...

We're not big into baseball either, especially on t.v. But I can totally picture Chris trying to pretend he's actually paying attention to you. I find that it helps to stand directly in front of the t.v. with my hand over the power button. It works well with video games too (isn't that another obsession of Chris'???)--I just threaten to disconnect the controler cords.

MicheLLe said...

Hey Chris!
Don't pretend that you don't secretly read blogs! HA HA! Joey wasn't happy with his "flavor" either, but it's totally true! He'd love to go golfing! Mitzi and I would love to go shopping while you guys are away...Thanks for coming to support us at Dodgeball! Wasn't that one of the funniest things you've witnessed in a while! :)