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Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Ode to My Classroom: A story of a flushing storage room

Goodbye to my classroom! I know I might have called it my prison once or twice, but I do have to admit that I’m a little sad to have to leave. Why am I switching classrooms? It’s all over a silly little potty. Let me explain...

The story began when there wasn’t enough room for all the newbies at our school, so a few of us had the challenge of transforming the bare and desolate “teacher prep rooms” into loving classrooms. We fought long and hard to get the supplies we needed (like a clock, flag, desk, and so on). Kami and I put many hours into setting up my room and after many trips to Ikea, our sweat (literally because there isn't air conditioning in the summer) paid off and I think it turned out perfectly!
Being a teacher prep room, my class is one of the few that has a little bathroom attached by the door. That’s where the problem started.
At the beginning of the year one of my teacher friends put up a sign that says “storage” over the bathroom sign, so nobody would be tempted to use our bathrooms (thanks Liz!) and it worked well...for a while. Then some of the other teachers on my hall decided to claim the bathroom back as theirs.
Sometimes in the middle of lecturing a friendly teacher would decide to enter the “storage room” and do their thing. I laughed when a boy asked me, “Um, did your storage room just flush?” One teacher in particular makes a regular visit during second period almost daily, and I only wish she could hear my kids from the other side of the door because they can obviously hear her! As for me, I guess I’m a little shy in that manner and wouldn’t dare to pee so publicly.

So to my classroom, I am sad to leave you and its unfortunate teachers care more about their potty time than my teaching. Did I tell you there is a bathroom right at the end of the hall?
Hey, maybe now I can upgrade to a classroom with windows or move into the coveted 2500 hall! Anyone up for a sweating summer of setting up a new classroom?


Kami said...

Hey Mitzi I was just blog-stocking and ran into yours, it's cute! Fun to bump into ya!

Lisa said...

Oh, the joys of teaching! I feel for you... but at least no one will come in and disrupt you. Hopefully, you do get into our hall. That would be great!

Ruth said...

I can't believe those teachers would use the toilet right in the middle of your class!!! I'm sorry you'll have to set up a new classroom, though. I know you guys put a ton of effort into that last summer. I hope your new room doesn't stink. :)

Sky & Steph said...

Haha!! You crack me up girl!! That is so crazy that they would interrupt your class just to do their business, manners people, c'mon!! I hope you make it into the 2500 hall!! I'm rootin' for ya!! :)

Erin said...

Freakin hilarious! I really can not believe that teachers would come in there while you were teaching...awkward!!
p.s. Your room is super cute!! Want to swing over to my house and do a little decorating for me?!

Paige said...

oh my! that is so funny!