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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Yep, that's right... there is no week 15! We skipped it all together! When we were in Utah, I went to the doctor for an ultrasound (it costs the same there if we have 2 ultrasounds or 22 so we might as well). Baby was measuring 15w 1d and Utah didn't know about the previous Aug 4 due date, so they gave me July 27! Yaay for a week earlier! Not like it makes that big of a difference assuming this baby will come as early as his brothers did - Hayes came 4 days early and Smith 5.

We most definitely 200% were right at the 12 week appointment too. This baby is all boy! I kind of expected to be a little sad I wouldn't have a girl (this may be our last baby), but the thought of these three brothers being best friends is exciting. Maybe next time I see a pair of sparkly baby shoes it might hit me, but I kind of knew we were having a boy. I can't wait to have another boy to look up to Hayes... and now Smith too.

It's our last few weeks in Vegas, so we are saying goodbye to our friends and getting ready for a new adventure. I won't be sad trying to keep a house spotless with two boys around while we show it to people, but we'll definitely miss a lot of awesome people down here!

And just for the record, I look pregnant!!! Like, no questions as soon as the second trimester hit. Ha, my body knew what to do and here came a little bump!

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