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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 38/39

I'm writing this after the fact, but week 38/39 definitely needs to be remembered. Because Hayes came early I kept anticipating meeting this little boy early too. Every time I'd bump my huge tummy into a door or chair I'd think, "That might be the last time I do that." Every time I'd put on a shirt that no longer covered my bump I'd think, "that'll be the last shirt I grow out of." ...and every time I was wrong. More bumps, less clothes that fit.

By the end of the week I started doubting he was ever going to make his debut. I started asking people about Castor oil and did google searches on how to make your baby drop. His little butt was still in my ribs and he had a long way down ahead of him. Talk about discouragement. I was well past uncomfortable at this point (and I bet he was pretty squashed from all the extra amniotic I had too). 

Tuesday we had an appointment with the doctor. Our doctor was out of town so we met Dr. Leon. As much as I wanted to love her, the second she left the room Chris and I looked at each other and both didn't feel comfortable. We had done all this planning on going natural and within minutes of meeting us she was talking about needing a c-section and the need for pitocin in labor because our baby was big and his shoulders "will definitely get stuck."

My thoughts went from getting this baby out to please hold on another week so Dr.Sauter can get home.

Good thing we have no say on this situation because we were only a day away from meeting our little love and this little guy didn't even give Dr. Leon a chance to change his plans on his big arrival. Boy are we so glad he's here!

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