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Friday, March 21, 2008

I had a dream

Step into my day for just a second (and read the next sentence with the whiniest voice you can imagine). “Mrs. Tor—ger—sen, what can I do? I can’t have an ‘F’ or my life will be over! (Large sigh). I know I didn’t do anything all term and I waited till the very last day, but if you could please let me off just this one time, I promise....”

Every dream starts out simply with a vision. When I graduated from college my dream was to conquer the world by inspiring and enthusing little minds. My vision was weekends and summers off of at a 7-3 job. Simple, right? Sometimes our visions are as unrealistic as a clean house and breakfast in bed. I love teaching more than I ever imagined, but these 60+ hours a week and piles of correcting are outrageous. Yesterday, I painfully drug my big cardboard box of papers (yes, it was so heavy I couldn’t carry it) out to my car for another long weekend of correcting fun!

Goal for year número uno = survive!
Three terms down, one to go.


Ruth said...

So what happened to that student? Did you give him/her an F? Marcos thinks you should have assigned a really hard project to be completed over the weekend and then still give him/her an F! :)

Darling blog! The colors match you perfectly!!!

Lisa said...

You can do it! You are doing so well and your students will love you anyway... even if they don't know it yet! Next year will be a lot easier! I promise...