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Sunday, February 24, 2008

You down with OCD, ya you know me!

It is official. I think I might be OCD? Why do I feel like everything I do has to be absolutely perfect? What is perfection anyway?

Here I am at 6:00 in the morning leaning over the toaster waiting for the perfect shade of not quite brown, but perfectly tanned toast. Too burnt, of course I can’t scrape it off… I hope you read what I wrote on that card I gave you? I just want you to fully appreciate that those simple little words I wrote have been read, re-read, edited, and had the handwriting analyzed by at least one other person. I am insane!

Even just the other day Kylee, a darling girl that cut my hair, said to me, “Um Mitzi, do you realize that hair just can’t be perfect?” She obviously read me like a book after a million questions like, “So, what product is that, and can I turn around so I can see exactly how you round brush the back?”

Every night I spend hours and hours trying to create a perfect lesson plan to inspire a bunch of squirrelly 16 year olds, and for what? They only care about how they can sneak their IPods in without me seeing them.

I got a new church calling Sunday and guess what the first thing I was told as tears streamed down my face (I am oblivious to leading music and would rather get a root canal by the way), “Stop trying to be perfect!” Um yeah, I'll work on that one, thanks!

So here I am attempting to start to blog! This will be quite a venture for me. I am making a rule for myself right now - post and leave alone. Stop the OCD insanity! I'll try to loose the I-am-an-English-teacher-watch-for-my-perfect-sentence attitude and just write whatever crosses my mind. For me, this is a stretch!


Erin said...

YaY...You have a blog (a cute one I might add :) Your post is so funny!! I am a bit of a perfectionist and have a little OCD too :) Maybe we are both freaks and that is why we get along so well..ha! Also, I added you to my blog too :)

Paige said...

I am so not a perfectionist...I think I used to be but then I never got anything done! But it's definitely not a bad thing to be! I'm so happy you have a are so cute and so is your blog. When are we gonna talk kami into starting one too? :)

Morgan Greaves said...

You are so cute...and don't worry if you are not perfect at everything we will still love you! We might love you even more cause then we won't be jealous of all your perfectness! I've got your perfection gene too, but I have finally loosened up a little!

MicheLLe said...

Hey Mitz!
Cute blog. I am glad to hear you are a perfectionist FREAK! ME TOO!!
I have been trying to get my blog up and running, but until it's perfect, I'm not posting it!! You're too cute! Have a good day!

Lisa said...

Way cute! I love your post, and I thought I was bad... just kidding. I think that behavior is normal, really.

The Barrett Family said...

Mitzi! I am so happy that you found my blog! Your blog is way cute. I don't think that I knew you were OCD. This is why I love blogs. It is so fun to find out more about people. Stay in touch!
I miss you!

Poulsen Girls said...

Hey Mitzi, you look so dang cute in your pictures. I haven't seen you in forever. I hope everything is good.
Amy Miller-Poulsen

MicheLLe said...

I was just looking at your wedding pics... I love your hair dark! Looks dang cute! Looks good lightened too, Lucky girl! Have a good day!