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Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 months facts...

I love that Hayes has developed such a personality. He acts like life is a parade and boy is he taking a ride on his own little float. He is the center of everything and he is literally waving at everyone and everything passing by...My favorite is when he waves at airplanes. Oh to be the center of so many people's universe!

He loves to carry around random objects... toothbrushes, keys, phones, our clothes, anything. I think we have a pack-rat on our hands.

When he cries he covers his mouth with both hands.
He loves to clap... at himself.

We took Hayes to the GI specialist this month and she told us Hayes is still way small for his age and we are still trying to get him to eat and keep things down more. He went from 1% in weight (17.5 lbs) in March to 3% in July (almost 20 lbs) at 15 months. She told us unless we want to do a major surgery at this point all the medications we've been trying are our only option. When he is closer to two we can do some allergy testing for him to see if that could be something.

Here's some pics from this month at the zoo.

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