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Monday, November 1, 2010


I had so much fun selling my temple pictures at a local boutique that I'm going to keep on selling! Hello, get your Christmas presents for everyone!
These pictures are printed metallic too so the color looks awesome!
Introductory Prices
8x10 print - $11
8x10 mounted - $16
11x14 print - $18
11x14 mounted - $25
16x20 print - $30
16x20 mounted - $40
8x10 float wrap - $56
8x10 canvas - $77
11x14 float wrap - $90
11x14 canvas - $120

Please ask me about prices on other sizes and custom orders (if you want special wording like "Torgersen Est. 2005" or black and white, etc).

and to see all the details

Oh man, you know me better than that! To think I would do something like this without a

One lucky winner will get whichever print they want in a 11x14 or 8x10 (mounted or not, words or not)
it's up to you!!!

Enter on my photography blog *here*
by November 7th!
If you win and already purchased a print, you can either get another one for free (hello, Christmas is soooon) or I'll return your original money back. This way you don't have to wait to see who wins to get yourself one, you can buy it now! Saweet!

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